European Carrier

    01 Feb 2019


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Customer profile

Sector: Civil aviation

Region: Europe

Size: Large carrier


Rolls-Royce has been supplying our Efficiency service to a major European airline in order to harness the value of their data and provide cost saving insights. The operator came to Rolls-Royce looking to understand, and find value in, the troves of data they were producing.

Expert insight

Using the Efficiency portal, in combination with our subject matter experts, the airline has been able to introduce several significant cost saving initiatives and enact data backed cultural change.

Measures relating to discretionary fuel, single engine taxi, auxiliary power unit operations, invoice reconciliation and finance have all been employed as a result of efficiency insights.

Invoice reconciliation had long been a contentious issue within the airline. With large administrative expense being required to verify invoices, often incorrect bills would be approved and paid. The efficiency insights service has allowed for automated identification of:

  • Third party invoices
  • Duplicate invoices
  • Volume discrepancies
  • Credit note payments


The airline has been able to easily verify near to 45000 invoices and challenge discrepancies to the value of $1.7m in the year to date. This is in addition to significant efficiency saving measures adopted across a range of operations as a result of the insights provided by Rolls-Royce efficiency.