eOFP: Yet another eEnablement solution from aircore systems From clue-less chaos to clutter-less clarity

    11 Jun 2014


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aircore systems GmbH has recently announced that they are finalising the development of their eOFP (electronic Operational Flight Plan) . When creating this solution aircore had in mind the currently often “messy” information management situation around the operational flight planning process during the flight. Heaps of paper, critical data hidden in less relevant information, un-coordinated information between Capt. and FO are currently often the case. The eOFP overcomes this. A clear and comprehensive graphic representation of key decision parameters make it most user friendly. Amongst the optimization engines offered by the eOFP are two main modules:

1)    Waypoint Management: Most relevant information jumping at you

This solution translates unsightly, multiple printouts of the paper-OFP into an electronic form. It enables information to be presented clearly, flexible and on demand. For example colour coding allows for an immediate comparison between planned and actual figures. Only the most relevant information – time and fuel progress figures – are visible all the time. Other data, such as e.g. weather reports, NOTAMs, or multiple alternate routes, are just a click away. Other features like waypoint changes or additions and direct-to’s are also available. Starting with ”Actual Take-off Time” the ETOs for every waypoint are calculated automatically. The deviations from these calculated values are indicated and colour coded ( red / green ). Time and Fuel Checks (TFCs) are also recordable, and the “Fuel Howgozit” is available.

In the on-board flight preparation several automated reminders are available to keep track of airport slots, start-up- or holdover-end-times or simply the fact whether the start-up clearance has been granted. For legal purposes an eSignature module is integrated into the eOFP.

2)    Fuel Pre-Planning: Optimised fuel and load figures in one simple view

Traditionally fuel pre-planning calculations quite often have been done on different sheets of papers or between different low-tech electronic devices involving cumbersome applications and/or various media. The Fuel Pre-Planning Module brings these different calculations onto one intuitively operable and understandable user interface.

The results are summarised in one simple double-bar graph. This bar represents in a very clear and simple manner the relevant variables for flight specific optimal fuel and load (passenger load, dead load) figures, thus eliminating the need to be “overly conservative” regarding fuel. These new modules obviously fit and interface very well with the existing aircore_systems solution portfolio.

Michael Rosenkranz, the CEO of aircore_systems says: “We are proud to announce the eOFP module as the latest addition to our solution portfolio. It is not often that we can recommend a pilot to go to the bar to get clarity.”