Envision Lite™ Takes Flight

    28 Jun 2012


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As the aviation industry continues to demand more of its suppliers, Rusada, the company responsible for Envision™, a leading MRO/Operations and fleet management software solution, has responded to this demand with the launch of Envision Lite™. Designed to drive better business decisions, Envision Lite is an integrated, highly flexible end-to-end aviation solution, delivering maintenance, parts and resource management. Envision Lite has been is designed to achieve maximum results, with minimum set up.

Building on the success of Envision Professional, Envision Lite enables MROs and fleet organisations to achieve better business decisions and to respond quickly and efficiently to change, which is a fundamental requirement in an industry as competitive as aviation. Incorporating the following modules – configuration, resource, maintenance, fleet, materials and finance manager – Envision Lite focuses on the key aspects of maintenance, parts and resource management and offers flexibility and efficiency, process control, and visibility for decision making while supporting compliance requirements.

  • Flexibility and efficiency: one single point of entry for ease of use, easy back-office integration, configurable dashboards at the user level for personal control, and overall business process transparency.
  • Process control: end to end materials management and maintenance information with real-time updates for control and visibility at every process stage.
  • Visibility and decision making: simple navigation without losing the pathway, transaction based rules and alerts, true module integration for accurate planning and invoicing.
  • Compliance: synchronises with corporate applications for governance, integrates policies and alerts for compliance with legislation and is CAMO approved.

Across many industries, the need to control costs has never been stronger. However, the need for a software solution to manage the ever-present force of change is paramount to any business. With rapid implementation and a low cost of entry, Envision Lite sets to alleviate these issues, operating a ‘pay as you grow’ approach, while delivering the flexibility needed to respond to internal demands and external market influences quickly and effectively.

David Chisnall, Rusada’s head of sales commented: “Rusada is well-known for providing market-leading software, ‘best of breed’ consultancy and unrivalled implementation services. With Envision Lite, there are no compromises.” He continued: “Contrary to that, Envision Lite includes an improved user interface and provides the user greater choice, including that of a hosted service option, while providing the complete service of software, consultancy and implementation services, designed to ensure best practices are employed and integration with legacy systems goes smoothly.”

Envision™ is the Rusada MRO, operations and fleet management solution for the aviation industry that enables true business transformation by combining MRO, flight operations and fleet management in one integrated, configurable and extendable software solution. Serving aircraft operators, OEMs, MROs and service organisations, the data driven – asset management software provides the visibility and flexibility business needs to respond quickly to external market forces and internal cost and efficiency requirements.