Electronic Tech Log from TrustFlight receives rare endorsement from EASA

    12 Oct 2021


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Aviation software specialist, TrustFlight, has received a letter of endorsement from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for its powerful Electronic Tech Log digital workflow application, part of the company’s advanced operational management solution, Centrik.

The Electronic Tech Log has been designed to provide flight crew and engineering teams with remote, up-to-date access on the operational status, flight and maintenance history of their aircraft. The system places all relevant data in one easy-to-access portal, removing the need for out-dated paper processes, helping to eliminate transcription errors and deliver significant improvements in efficiency.

After conducting an extensive evaluation of the system’s performance across a range of airworthiness, operations and cybersecurity requirements, EASA presented TrustFlight with a letter of No Technical Objection (NTO) for the Electronic Tech Log – one of the few times the agency has offered such an endorsement for a system of this type, complementing the recognition Centrik has already received from numerous EASA regulatory authorities.

“Our goal as a business is to demonstrate the true potential of digital workflow solutions for the aviation industry – something that is much easier to do when you have the support of the regulatory bodies behind you.”

Karl Steeves, CEO at TrustFlight,

The recommendation from EASA for TrustFlight’s comprehensive aircraft management tool also means European operators can cite the NTO as a supporting document in any related acceptance or approval process, helping to deliver further improvements in efficiency.

“The Electronic Tech Log delivers genuine time and cost savings to our clients by cutting out the paperwork and digitising some age-old processes. When you add in the wealth of industry knowledge, experience and regulatory expertise we have within our team, we’re genuinely able to offer our clients a comprehensive level of support across their entire operation,” adds Steeves.

The NTO will allow TrustFlight to help European operators quickly transition to further paperless operations, including Electronic Signatures, Digital MEL deferrals and Electronic Certificates of Release to Service. When combined with the company’s suite of additional products and services, aviation businesses from all sectors of the industry can turn to TrustFlight to make the move towards a more digital future.