easyJet selects Aviation FootprinterTM

    18 Sep 2012


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easyJet announced today that it has selected ETS Aviation’s Aviation Footprinter
TM emissions data management system to support its Environmental Responsibility Programme and CO2 emissions reporting requirements.

Taylor Bradbury, easyJets’s Aircraft Operations Support Manager, explains the rationale behind the decision:  “Having completed two years of reporting and verification of carbon emissions, we spent considerable time evaluating various options to replace our internal Excel based system.  We selected Aviation FootprinterTM because it is a well-designed and cost effective solution, which maximises the efficiency and accuracy of data capture whilst seamlessly reporting our CO2 emissions.  With over 1200 departures per day from 135 airports across Europe, the key advantages of using Aviation FootprinterTM  are the ease of error checking, identification of data gaps and the auto reporting functionality, plus we can import emissions directly into the UK Environmental Agency’s portal.  This will result in a significant saving in man hours and provides us with a scalable solution for the future.”

Andy Taylor, head of CO2 emissions at Bureau Veritas Certification, an independent third party verifier, said “We have been working with easyJet since 2009 and have verified their 2010 and 2011 CO2 emissions data.  We have also sucessfully verified the annual emissions data for several operators who use ETS Aviation’s Aviation FootprinterTM emissions data management system and made use of the remote data access function.  This type of system can reduce the amount of time we need to spend at an operator’s office and, in certain circumstances, may even negate the requirement for a site visit all together.  This not only cuts our own carbon footprint, but potentially reduces disruption to the auditee.”

David Carlisle, CEO of ETS Aviation, said “This provides us with further comfirmation that our Aviation FootprinterTM system and ETS Support Service is the market leader.  easyJet is renowned as a highly efficient operator who recognised the enormous benefits that can be derived from using the ETS Aviation software system.  We are very proud to be working with their team.”

For sales enquiries go to www.etsaviation.com or email info@etsaviation.com