DAC International Expands Its Product Portfolio

    16 Nov 2015


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DAC International Expands Its Product Portfolio

AUSTIN, Texas, November 16, 2015
– DAC International, a Greenwich AeroGroup company, announced today it has reached an agreement to become a distributor for the United States aviation markets for Nichigo G-Tape™.

Nichigo G-Tape™ is an environmentally friendly and innovative pressure-sensitive tape which is hand-tearable. It can even be removed and reused unlike standard duct tapes and does not leave any residue on the hands, unlike conventional butyl tape. Made from a polyethylene based flat yarn substrate, Nichigo G-Tape™ boasts a higher tensile strength and dimensional stability than conventional gaffer tapes or duct tapes.

“We respect and appreciate the world class sales organization of DAC International,” said General Manager/New Development for Nippon Gohsei U.S.A. Yasuo Sakaguchi. “DAC works to deliver the difference for their customer’s current needs and future goals.”

“This is a new and exciting type of product to be representing,” said Vice President and General Manager of DAC International Cisco Hernandez. “Gaffer or duct tapes are often made with rubber-based products, but Nichigo G-Tape is an eco-friendly tape that is halogen-free and lead- free.”

Hernandez added that they can offer a wide range of adhesive strengths for customers, from removable to permanent depending on the application’s requirements. In addition, they can also supply special double-sided tapes which can be easily cut by hand.

Typical aviation applications for the tape include the protecting of interiors during assembly and maintenance, masking for painting, exterior and maintenance repairs, bonding carpet and more. Nichigo G-Tape is also used in the automotive, marine, rolling stocks, entertainment and construction Industries.