Congo Airways opts for solutions from Lufthansa Systems

    12 Dec 2017


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Congo Airways opts for solutions from Lufthansa Systems

Several Lido/Navigation solutions being used successfully

Raunheim, December 12, 2017 – Lufthansa Systems today announced that Congo Airways is using several of its products, specifically the paper-based Lido/eRouteManual maps, the paperless Lido/mPilot navigation solution, Lido/FMS data for flight management systems and the Lido/FPLS flight planning service.

Congo Airways was established in 2014, with flight operations commencing in 2015. “We were looking for products that would deliver added value from day one. We were quickly impressed by the solutions from Lufthansa Systems. Thanks to their high quality and short delivery times, we were able to meet our internal schedule and successfully and swiftly establish us in the market,” said Désiré Balazire Bantu, Chief Executive Officer & Accountable Manager at Congo Airways.

Congo Airways is benefiting from several solutions: The paper-based Lido/RouteManual maps and the mobile Lido/mPilot solution help pilots with the processes involved in flight preparation and operation. The maps feature true-to-scale topographical information and meet the highest standards of precision and quality. Layout, colors and symbols are identical in the maps’ paper and electronic versions. These maps are generated directly from the Lido/FMS navigation database. The FMS database contains all important route information such as altitude data, airways and airport data for optimizing navigation and supporting autopilots on board modern aircraft.

The navigation data, which is based on global aeronautical information, are updated every 28 days according to the AIRAC cycle. The Lido/FPLS flight planning service automatically calculates reliable routes for flight operations, taking into account factors such as cost, flight time and fuel consumption.

“We are pleased to be able to support Congo Airways in growing its business. This example shows that not only large but also smaller airlines benefit from Lufthansa Systems’ solutions. This is true even if they are forced to map or build flight operations under difficult circumstances while emphasizing high levels of quality and safety,” said Marco Cesa, Senior Vice President Regional Management EMEA at Lufthansa Systems.

Congo Airways commenced flight operations in 2015. The company is based at N’djili Airport, Kinshasa, and has a fleet of five aircraft; two more have been ordered. While the carrier has mainly served cities within the Democratic Republic of the Congo up to now, this year’s schedule also includes international destinations in Africa.

Caption (Copyright: Lufthansa Systems): The digital navigation solutions from Lufthansa Systems support pilots before, during and after a flight.