Commsoft launches new mobile app for its OASES MRO IT system

    30 Jul 2015


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Commsoft launches new mobile app for its OASES MRO IT system

30th July 2015 –
Commsoft, a world leader in aviation engineering and maintenance systems is pleased to announce the launch of its OASES mobile app.

Communications Software’s OASES (Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System) is amongst the most successful aviation engineering and maintenance systems in the world. OASES currently supports 90 customers in 40 countries across 6 continents.

Smarter, swifter, simpler

The new OASES mobile app includes new functionality that has been developed to enable easy, swift access by tablets and smart phone devices, including those running Apple, Android and Microsoft operating systems, among others. The OASES mobile app can easily be accessed and used via the standard browsers on mobile devices, laptops or desktop PCs. In order to make it accessible from any device with a built-in browser, Commsoft’s OASES developers have used HTML5. This makes the OASES mobile app truly device-independent: a phenomenal advantage for busy specialists in the MRO field.

Ease of Use

The user simply enters a supplied URL into the browser to be presented with the OASES login page. This is the same login account as for the OASES system, and therefore no additional set-up is required.  The application allows access to the next due forecast.  This is designed to be used in the field by pilots and line maintenance engineers. The next due forecast data is accessed from the OASES cached forecast which can be refreshed at any interval – allowing for real-time view of maintenance data from anywhere in the world.

3rd party customers / contractor employees

The new OASES mobile app also has the functionality to restrict access to aircraft to specified users  – making the app suitable for 3rd party customers or contractor employees where limited access to specific aircraft data is necessary.

Commsoft’s Managing Director, Nick Godwin commented:
 “The new OASES mobile app has been developed for specific functionality where mobility is required or desirable.  This is a first of a series of specific OASES apps which will bring maximum benefit to Commsoft’s growing international customer base. We are currently planning the development of further apps for use on the hangar floor, in warehouses and for line maintenance.”

Collaborating with clients to ensure greater functionality

Commsoft was formed in 1971, and has 40 years of experience in developing Airline MRO software systems. Its OASES MRO IT software is a market leader, having been designed by engineers for engineers. Keeping specialist development and delivery at its very core, Commsoft collaborates with customers to ensure first-rate functionality, flexibility and ease of use, whilst simultaneously driving business value. OASES MRO software takes advantage of the latest technologies using Java, PL/SQL and the industry-leading Oracle® database. Commsoft offers an optional ‘Private Cloud’, eliminating the need for on-site hardware with access via the internet anywhere in the world.

To support its OASES customers, Commsoft offers a comprehensive maintenance and support package, which includes a dedicated helpdesk with on-line support, user groups, and special services for product updates and software revisions. Commsoft also offers an appealing option to new users, with a standard software rental model that is easy for customers to start using OASES without large up-front investment.

A friendly, personalised support service

Commsoft prides itself on providing friendly, personalised support, and this, coupled with its dedication to developing products with impressive functionality and flexibility, has been a major factor in securing a large number of clients. Commsoft’s customer base has grown steadily worldwide, and the company currently services 90 international customers, supporting over 650 aircraft covering 45 aircraft types.

Technical superiority to ensure greater compatibility

In addition to HTML5, OASES developments also feature Oracle®, SQL and Java 7. This has the benefit of future-proofing OASES, whilst also allowing for rapid module development where required. Its deployment methods are completely standard, requiring only robust VPN access to standalone servers, and secure Windows® RDP access via the internet. Intuitively designed and easy to use, OASES can also be virtualised across client networks and interfaces with Microsoft® tools.