Commsoft achievements in 2013

    24 Jan 2014


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For Commsoft, a world leader in aviation engineering and maintenance systems, 2013 was a year in which the international demand for its Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System (OASES) continued to grow.

In March, the Ukrainian charter airline, WINDROSE Airlines, signed a 5 year contract with Commsoft for the use of OASES to support its fleet of four Airbus A321 and four Airbus A320 airliners. 

July saw Falko Regional Aircraft Limited, a market-leading asset manager in the regional aircraft arena, opt for OASES to support its growing portfolio of leased aircraft. Falko began using the system immediately, within Commsoft’s hosted environment, to support its fleet of BAe146/Avro RJ aircraft

In the same month, Airclaims, an existing Commsoft client, signed a 6-month contract with Hi Fly Malta to provide CAMO support – using OASES – for one of the airline’s A340-600s.

Two major deals with existing Commsoft clients were agreed in September. In the first, Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group, who have strong UK MoD links, signed a new 12 month, 5 concurrent user contract to support the planned expansion of its CAMO services.

In the second, Blue Air AMS, the Romanian low-cost airline, signed a new 5 year contract for the ongoing use of OASES to maintain its fleet of Boeing 737s. As part of the deal, Commsoft’s own Bucharest-based implementation team were contracted to support Blue Air AMS in the airline’s planned migration to the latest AMP and AD/SB software. 

October saw Pentastar Aviation, providers of comprehensive management services for a McDonnell Douglas MD-83 configured for a luxury business shuttle service, become the launch customer for the hosted version of Commsoft’s OASES. Pentastar, were also Commsoft’s second U.S.-based customer.

In the same month, Commsoft signed a new 3 year contract with NextJet, one of Sweden’s largest domestic airlines, to support its fleet of 10 SAAB 340 aircraft. The contract also made provision for NextJet to link with the PDC operations system interface.

Cardiff Aviation, founded in 2012 by senior aviation manager and entrepreneur Mario Fulgoni and Bruce Dickinson, vocalist with rock band Iron Maiden, selected OASES to support its CAMO and MRO operations and, in November, signed a 5 year, deal with Commsoft. Cardiff Aviation’s clients include a range of national carriers and independent airline companies.

December saw Commsoft add Nigerian airline, Arik Air, to its growing customer list in a 5 year, deal. The airline will develop its internal CAMO capabilities, using OASES to cover its fleet, including Airbus A330-200s, Boeing 737s, Bombardier CRJ-900s and Dash 8 Q400s.

December saw the successful implementation and commencement of live OASES operations by Mesa, the Portuguese aircraft line maintenance provider to support a fleet of Airbus A310, A319, A320, A321, A330 and A340 aircraft. 

Deals were also concluded with three aviation technical bureaux / CAMOs, which are a prime target for Commsoft’s hosted OASES system. These included UK-based technical consultants GGAC and RTTS, together with a new Croatian CAMO, AvioCATS, which has a contract to support SAFI Airways in Afghanistan using OASES and is in discussions with other prospective clients in the Gulf Region.

Nick Godwin, MD of Commsoft, commented: “Looking back over 2013, we have good reason to be proud of our achievements. The OASES user base continued to grow as we introduced new functionality and services, so our existing clients continued to show their confidence in us by renewing and extending their contracts. We’re all set for an even more exciting 2014 and plan to announce some new technical developments”.