Comfortable and Fast Reliability Data Access

    18 Jul 2013


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m/reliability, the reliability management module of the Technical Operations WebSuite manage/m®, supports operators to continuously monitor the effectiveness of their maintenance programs and enables them to analyze their maintenance and component reliability data.

Within the module, the function Customer Evaluation allows the retrieval of a lot of useful information such as logbook data or irregularities. The application, which can be accessed through m/reliability/fleet, now shines in a new look including new functions which customers will certainly enjoy.

Apart from a user-friendly interface there is now a new search mask including the possibility to gather data from either selected aircraft or a whole fleet. Customers can thus access their data in a faster and easier way. Additional parameters were also integrated as a further data source in the new Customer Evaluation function. Hence, the application can obtain operational parameters like the Technical Dispatch Reliability Rate or the Delay Rate on a monthly basis.

As the system is now working significantly faster, it enables customers to access even larger blocks of data in only a second. Other export formats such as csv, pdf or excel files are now supported by the Customer Evaluation and can be downloaded when needed.

All manage/m® customers using m/reliability/fleet can profit from these new beneficial functions.