Clickable NOTAMs

    18 Mar 2016


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Clickable NOTAMs

18 March 2016

RocketRoute is happy to announce a new feature, available now at RocketRoute app – clickable NOTAMs.

From now, if a NOTAM provides a reference to the AIP you can just click it and go to the AIP document.

RocketRoute is the only one flight planning app offering clickable NOTAMs for all users. Previously, if pilots needed AIP documents from a NOTAM they had to search for it manually. Now all documents are linked to the NOTAM so all you have to do is click the reference to call up the AIP document instantly.

We hope and trust this feature will make your flight planning with RocketRoute much easier and faster.

When users create a flight the NOTAM section will be linked with all necessary AIP documents.

This feature is available for Web, IOS or Android users.

We would appreciate your feedback on this new feature. If you have any questions about the service please do not hesitate to contact RocketRoute Ops.