China Express Airlines chose IFRSKEYES’ Business Intelligence solution

    02 Aug 2013


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In early July, an agreement on the use of IBIS was made between China Express Airlines (HXA) and IFRSKEYES. HXA will be able to use IBIS in hosting mode in the near future.

HXA has been using AMASIS in the SAAS model for 7 years. Recently, they have decided to upgrade the solution to the V9.20 release and to take this opportunity to purchase a plug-and-play business intelligence solution.

At the same time, HXA also purchased 3 new AMASIS modules (Inventory Bar Code, Labour Man-hours, and Production Bar Code) and therefore has switched to the license purchase model.

About China Express Airlines

China Express Airlines, founded in 2006, is also known as Huaxia Airlines. The company is based in Guiyang, Guizhou, China and provides regional passenger services.

China Express’ fleet is composed of 5 Bombardier CRJ-200 and 6 Bombardier CRJ900.


IFRSKEYES is a major actor in the aviation industry, providing software and services solutions to airlines, aircraft operators and MROs for more than 25 years. Since 2011, it has become an AIRBUS company and keeps a constant improvement by developing the next generation of products while keeping supporting its current products which are AMASIS, KEOPS and IBIS. 

IBIS (Integrated Business Intelligence Solution) is a comprehensive, efficient and web-based Business Intelligence solution managing data warehouse and data marts, providing ready-to-use reports and KPI generators, supported and phased with AMASIS and KEOPS releases.

  • IBIS latest release – v4.0 – provides new types of reports on aircraft and system reliability.


AMASIS (Aircraft Maintenance And Spares Information System) is an integrated solution to manage aircraft maintenance and related logistics. It is fed with each department’s specific information: Technical records, MCC, Engineering & Planning, Procurement, Stores.

  • AMASIS in the SAAS model: In this model, customer’s AMASIS data are hosted in a dedicated environment on IFRSKEYES’ servers. AMASIS is accessed via Internet, and the fee is directly in relation with the company’s activity (Flown Hours, Concurrent users, Fleet size). This model allows customers to access and use AMASIS without having to manage a server.