Calculating country border crossing times

    16 Sep 2014


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Calculate border crossing times in PPS8

Border Intersection Tool from AIR SUPPORT will do it for you.

It is time to throw away all the old paper maps and the calculator, and time to start using automated calculations on time and distance on all country borders on your routes.

Tired of using lots of time and effort on finding out when the aircraft crosses national and international borders, zooming in and out on electronic maps? So are we.

So why not simplify the process by letting PPS tell you exactly when you cross from one country to another.

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Border Intersection Tool

Not only are you able to see national and international borders, you can also choose to display FIR’s and waypoints.

When gathering this data and displaying it in an accessible table, it will streamline the process of crossing borders, and you won’t have to spend valuable time on neither paper maps nor digital maps, trying to figure out where the borders start and end.

Border Intersection Tool only makes it much easier and much quicker to make a flight plan with permits

The system handles all cross-country intersections without any user interaction at all. That means reducing workload and releasing resources, that can be used in more constructive matters, and eventually help optimize the operation.

The price for purchasing this great feature for your ENTIRE fleet is only Euro 295,- pr. month

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