Bytron Aviation Systems announces its most complete airline software solution to date

    03 Aug 2016


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Bytron Aviation Systems announces its most complete airline software solution to date

‘skybook’ enhances efficiency and accuracy throughout the dispatch, briefing and journey logging process for airlines of all sizes

Bytron Aviation Systems has re-engineered its flagship ‘skybook’ software to deliver functionality that supports a broader spectrum of flight dispatch and crew activity; pre, during and post-flight. The skybook solution now includes a variety of modules, covering flight dispatch, briefing and the journey log, which can be implemented as a complete package, or individually. Enhancements reflect a need for airlines to shift to more reliable, digital flight dispatch providing genuinely useful information to the operations team and airline management to help ensure operations run smoothly and ensure management is informed by the best planning and post-flight datasets available.

Bytron recognised this need and adapted skybook into a modular solution to make the transition to digital flight dispatch simpler, following standard airline operation practices, therefore reducing the risk associated with implementing skybook in place of existing manual or digital processes. skybook is comprised of the following main modules; Flight Dispatch and Ops Board, Crew Flight Briefing, Airfield Watcher, Planning Portal, Crew Notices, Flight Record Vault, ETOPS Charting, skybook API and skybook Notifications. Because of its modular nature airlines do not need to implement all of skybook’s functionality at once.  This makes it simple for airlines to add extra functionality to their operations, such as the skybook Airfield Watcher, very quickly and to realize impressive productivity gains in the short-term. The Flight Record Vault module allows anyone with the correct privileges to access the archive of post and pre-flight data.

One of the major features of skybook is its ability to interpret the airlines flight plans and automate the production of ETOPS charts for anywhere in the world.  This removes the need for manual plotting of charts and these can either be printed on different sizes of paper of distributed as a digital file. This not only saves time flight support staff but also removes the costs associated with the purchase of blank plotting charts.

A testimonial from Helvetic Airways

Helvetic Airways subscribed to skybook’s Airfield Watcher during the Winter of 2015-16, after just a few weeks of operation offered the following testimonial:

‘We operate at some very weather critical destinations like London City, Florence and Balkan airports, all of which have very different minima’s regarding wind (tailwind, crosswind), visibility and ceiling. With the Airfield Watcher our dispatchers now have a tool where they can update the weather on all our destinations themselves within a few seconds and even update alternates too. Nowadays we are able to detect weather issues at our destinations and alternates much earlier and, especially, easier than before.’

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