Braathens Regional, formerly Golden Air, returns to Navtech

    29 Jan 2013


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Braathens Regional, formerly Golden Air, returns to Navtech
Navtech iCharts for anticipated Class 2 EFB in the works for transitioning airline 

January 29, 2013 (TORONTO) – Navtech Inc., a leader in flight operations software and services, has welcomed returning customer, Braathens Regional (formerly Golden Air Flyg AB), through a multi-year agreement for provisioning aeronautical electronic charts for the iPad, in a Class 2 EFB.  Navtech iChartswill be supplied to the regional airline which operates scheduled and wet lease routes within Europe.  Braathens Regional is also a subscriber to Navtech’s Airport Obstacle Database (AODB) for their ATR fleet.

“We are delighted to work with Braathens Regional again and we are pleased they have acknowledged Navtech’s advancements as a solutions provider,” said Mr. Ashley Heard, European Sales Director at Navtech. “Navtech iCharts, is a fundamental transformation to the charting marketplace and with the growing number of airlines choosing Navtech, it acknowledges the benefits available to our customers from our software investments.”

Braathens Regional is a returning Navtech Charts customer and has re-contracted in part because of the popularity and superior functionality of Navtech iCharts, the electronic charting application for the iPad. The airline intends to use iPads as an EFB Class 2 solution in the cockpit of their 17 aircraft SAAB and ATR fleet.  “Braathens Regional will, after a trial period of minimum 6 months, utilize the Navtech iCharts application meaning that there will be no back-up paper charts,” said Braathens Regional, Director of Flight Operations Anders Fredriksson.  “We see this as a big step towards the paperless cockpit.” 

Navtech iCharts is an application that brings Navtech electronic charts to your iPad.  This allows the iPad to be used as a Class 1 EFB, or with regulatory and operational approval, as a Class 2 Type B device.  Navtech has worked with a number of customers to achieve operational approval of the iPad as a Class 2 device.  Navtech’s family of state-of-the-art aeronautical charts products have been developed using research from Human Factor specialists and by gathering data from, and working closely with, pilots having years of experience using aeronautical charts.  Each chart includes enhanced symbology and communication features.  Navtech’s Windows-based electronic charts viewing application, NavtecheCharts, has been used by Navtech’s customers for over ten years. Continued product enhancements will form the infrastructure for Navtech to easily support all Classes of EFB and all devices from tablets to installed avionics.

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About Navtech, Inc.

Navtech, Inc. is a leading global provider of flight operations solutions, serving more than 350 airlines and aviation services customers.  Navtech’s product suite includes aeronautical charts, navigation data solutions, flight planning, aircraft performance software (take-off/landing, weight and balance), and crew planning solutions.  Many of Navtech’s products can be configured as part of an EFB solution, including take-off data calculation, weight and balance, and aeronautical charts.  These products, supported by Navtech’s ISO: 9001 certification, directly support millions of flights each year and help Navtech customers maximize efficiency, reduce costs, ensure compliance with complex national and international safety regulations, and effectively deliver their services.

Headquartered just outside Toronto in Waterloo, Ontario — Canada’s technology center — Navtech also has locations in Stockholm, London, and Ahmedabad, India, and is further supported by satellite offices around the world.  Its home on the web is the first and only site for viewing the Navtech Aviation Poster Collection, a collection of hundreds of posters and other ephemera that capture the history of aviation through the arresting graphic design of the day.

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About Braathens Regional

Braathens Regional, formerly Golden Air, is a Swedish regional airline based at Trollhättan-Vänersborg Airport, with additional bases in Sweden and Finland. The airline offers acmi service all over Europe. Two big customers today are SAS and Sverigeflyg. The airline is part of the Braathens Aviation Group that includes Malmö Aviation and marketing company Sverigeflyg.