Binter Technic live with AMOS

    31 Oct 2018


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Binter Technic live with AMOS

At a glance

  • Binter Technic celebrating AMOS go-live
  • Another MRO provider joins the AMOS Community

Dedicated project teams ensuring timely go-live

Swiss-AS is pleased to announce the smooth AMOS go-live of Binter Technic.

“Binter Technic is one of the most well-known MRO providers when it comes to ATR aircraft. On behalf of Swiss-AS I would like to congratulate Binter Technic on the successful cut-over to AMOS and officially welcome them to the AMOS Community. We are pleased that the circle of MRO providers using AMOS is expanding constantly,” states Ronald Schaeuffele, CEO of Swiss-AS.

Right from the beginning, the project had a strict timeline as the go-live was planned to take place before Binter’s high season starts. Thanks to the dedicated key users, the ambitious timeline for the cut-over was successfully completed with an on-time go-live. The big bang cut over was very smooth with hardly any disruption to the ongoing maintenance projects and the Binter workforce rapidly integrated the new processes.

Binter Technic decided to perform all related project tasks in-house. While other companies may engage third parties to outsource time-intensive project tasks, such as data migration or change management, Binter Technic was in the fortunate position of having the required resources and skills available in-house.

The project was characterized by the strong personal dedication and effort of the project team. During the go-live, the Binter Technic key users and the Swiss-AS onsite team joined forces to finalize this implementation with a successful cut-over.