BA CityFlyer deploy Appixo™ ETL across its fleet

    17 Sep 2012


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NVable is delighted to announce the deployment of the Appixo™ Electronic Technical Log (ETL) across the entire fleet of aircraft operated by wholly owned British Airways subsidiary BA CityFlyer.  The rollout took place earlier this year and from the first day the ETL was in use on all routes and at all destinations served by the BA CityFlyer fleet.  BA CityFlyer makes full use of the Appixo™ hosted platform for data acquisition and analysis to manage and view the real time data gathered from the ETL.

<p”>Dave Cooper Line Maintenance Manager for BA CityFlyer:

“Our Flight Crew and Engineers were already used to the concept of an ETL but from day one their feedback on the new Appixo™ ETL from NVable has been overwhelmingly positive and they see many advantages.”

Carl McNally GM Operations and Engineering for BA CityFlyer:

“The new ETL provides us with facilities we didn’t have before. The units can be remotely managed more effectively and the transmission process is greatly enhanced giving us improved real-time visibility of the aircraft status. We are now exploring further developments that will deliver new business benefits to us with the enhanced data set.  Delivery of these developments will help us move closer to a paperless flight deck as they will integrate the remaining elements of a traditional paper Tech Log.”

BA CityFlyer has entered into a long term service support agreement for the Appixo™ ETL with NVable, as part of which, the airline will partner NVable in the development and addition of new features and areas of functionality.

Cameron Hood, NVable CEO, is delighted to have BA CityFlyer as the launch customer for the new ETL.  He commented

“BA CityFlyer is a first class operator with a deservedly outstanding reputation.  We are very pleased to be associated with them and to have them as our launch customer.  It has been a pleasure to work with their entire team and the deployment has been a great success.”

Mark Leather Continuing Airworthiness Manager for BA CityFlyer:

“The experience of working with the team at NVable has been invaluable. Complex software projects are difficult to implement but NVable has helped to make it simple.  The team have been responsive and extremely supportive which has made the project a success.”

In accordance with the regulations governing aviation safety, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) reviewed the Appixo™ ETL and approved it for use after confirming that it satisfied the regulatory requirements of the CAA and EASA.

Terry Clarke, Airworthiness Surveyor for the CAA commented:

“Airline Operators are understandably keen to reduce costs and increase efficiencies whilst operating safely and complying with the regulations. We can see how tools like the Appixo™ ETL can make a significant contribution help achieve these aims.”

On the implementation of user authentication on the Appixo™ ETL, Terry added:

“Ensuring that only authorised flight crew and engineers are able to complete a technical log has always been a challenging area.  We find the implementation of user authentication on the Appixo™ ETL, and the ability to centrally manage user access, to be a particularly useful capability.”

To find out more about the ETL or Appixo™ from NVable, visit or call NVable on +44 141 280 0050.