AVTECH Sweden AB recently announced the launch of its Aventus SIGMA severe weather service

    05 Feb 2018


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AVTECH Sweden AB recently announced the launch of its Aventus SIGMA severe weather service. 

AVTECH Sweden AB recently announced the launch of its Aventus SIGMA severe weather service. First to use the service is BRA-Braathens Regional Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle

The service is available for all types of operators, regardless of their communication solution.

“We can keep flight crews informed of any severe weather expected on their flight regardless of what communication solution an airline has decided on. It can be infused in the pre-flight briefing package, sent via ACARS or be presented in our iOS table APP”, says Soren Skog, Marketing Director at AVTECH.

Aventus SIGMA derives its weather information from Met Office (UK), one of the two World Area Forecast Centers in the world. Met Office’s investment in a new super-computer, has made it possible to pinpoint weather within a 10 by 10 Km square.

“The standard ICAO-model specifies a 140 by 140 Km resolution, which is to say that winds, turbulence and severe weather are the same for all of Scotland. Anyone having flown over Scotland knows that that is not how it works”, continues Soren Skog.

“Aventus SIGMA simply has the highest accuracy of turbulence forecasting in the world, and even though the design in our presentation format is not yet completely developed, we are very happy to see how well our service is received by the pilots.”

Using Aventus SIGMA greatly improves our turbulence prediction” says Michael Visonj, Technical Pilot Avro RJ/Chief Pilot CSeries at BRA-Braathens Regional Airlines.

“Our pilots can now make fact-based decisions when finding the most efficient routes and altitudes. This saves fuel and maintains our customers positive experience flying with BRA Regional, he concludes.

“There is a strong market demand for improved ways to distribute weather information to pilots, both pre- and in-flight. AVTECH has addressed this demand by securing the best weather source we could find, Met Office’s High-Resolution Weather Model, so we can be sure that information to the pilots is correct. We are now in the process of securing that our weather information reaches the pilot when he needs it most – In flight!”, says Soren Skog.

More than 300 passengers and crew were injured in incidents related to turbulence last year, and with global warming the number of turbulence encounters is expected to rise.

By processing Met Office’s global High-Resolution model, making it easily available on Flight Deck, AVTECH believes pilots can make better decisions to maintain safety and improve passenger comfort.