AVTECH announces conclusion of project in part financed by the Swedish Energy Agency

    17 Apr 2018


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AVTECH announces conclusion of project in part financed by the Swedish Energy Agency 

The Board of Directors of AVTECH Sweden AB (publ) (“AVTECH” or “The Company”) today makes the 

following announcement: 

AVTECH Sweden AB announces conclusion of the project in part financed by the Swedish Energy Agency. 

As announced earlier, AVTECH has performed a project, in part financed by the Swedish Energy Agency, dedicated to test its Aventus product. 

The project has been in progress for 6 months and has been performed in a cooperation with Norwegian Air Shuttle. Aventus has been thoroughly tested with the purpose to define positive benefits of AVTECH’s 


“It has been a very comprehensive test and the results are very encouraging” says Soren Skog, Marketing director of AVTECH. “It has been a constructive cooperation with Norwegian and the results will be published shortly in accordance with the rules set forth by the Energy Agency. This study confirms our earlier findings of the benefit Aventus products bring an airline”, he concludes. 

The purpose of the project has been to reduce emissions and associated environmental impact (CO2 emissions) from airliners and AVTECH was granted financing (in part) from The Swedish Energy Agency in 2016. The project has run from October 2017 and April 2018. 

Norwegian has access to the available data and will make their own independent evaluation of a possible commercial implementation.