AvioVision and Web Manuals integrate digitised manuals in AVIOBOOK® EFB

    21 May 2013


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AvioVision and Web Manuals Sweden AB are proud to announce that they have started the work of offering a joint solution for digitising manuals into an integrated Electronic Flight Bag app for use by pilots in the cockpit.

The Web Manuals cloud application for writing, reviewing and publishing manuals is the most easy-to-use tool available to airlines. 

AVIOBOOK ® is a smart and intuitive EFB solution offering a common user experience for route charts, documents, logs and performance calculations, all essential tools for pilots. 

Being a web-based software application, Web Manuals has been praised for its user-friendliness and quick deployment, and is therefore a perfect match to the smooth user experience provided by AVIOBOOK®”, said Kris Van den Bergh, CEO of AvioVision.

Martin Lidgard, CEO of Web Manuals Sweden added, “We are proud to see AvioVision as a strategic partner enabling both companies to offer the integrated solution to new and existing clients. We share the same values and vision in providing the aviation industry with an exceptional user experience worthy of the 21st century.


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About Web Manuals Sweden AB

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  • Web Manuals Sweden AB specialises in the development of operational knowledge management solutions for the aviation industry, including digitising of manuals to simplify controlled publication, revision and distribution.
  • Web Manuals Sweden AB works with selected international partners to deliver a global offering and has a rapidly growing client base in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 

About AvioVision


  • AvioVision is a young, dynamic Belgian company that brings innovative operational solutions to mission-critical industries, such as aviation. 
  • AvioVision’s EFB Software, the AVIOBOOK®, redefines the standard for EFB software and is intuitive, smart and integrated with the legacy systems of the customer.