AvioCATS using OASES to provide CAMO services for Limitless Airways

    30 Apr 2015


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AvioCATS using OASES to provide CAMO services for Limitless Airways

Commsoft, a world leader in aviation engineering and maintenance systems, is pleased to announce that existing Commsoft customer, AvioCATS, will be using OASES to provide CAMO services for Croatian start up airline Limitless Airways’ newly acquired fleet of an Airbus A320, supporting their charter operation connecting Scandinavia with the Mediterranean.

Headquartered in Zagreb, Avio Grupa D.O.O. (AvioCATS) will provide Start-up support, AOC, Technical management and CAMO/engineering to new start up airline Limitless Airways who are owned by Scandjet, the well established Swedish tour operator. Further fleet expansion is expected.

EASA Part M-approved for Airbus A320, AvioCATS has been using OASES since 2013. Commsoft’s flagship product, OASES is a ‘best-of-breed’ MRO IT system offering an industry-leading technical sophistication whilst being intuitively user-friendly.

Nick Godwin, Commsoft Managing Director, commented:
“We’re delighted that AvioCATS has helped develop new markets, using OASES, including this contract to provide CAMO services for Limitless Airways.
AvioCATS was able to perform complete airline start up including aircraft selection, follow the transition check, CAMO reporting to fulfil CAA requirements etc.
It’s further evidence that OASES really can help professional aircraft maintenance operations to attract new business.”