Aviation InterTec Services customer Atlantic Coast Aircraft Services achieves FAA 14 CFR Part 121 certification

    25 Mar 2015


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Aviation InterTec Services customer Atlantic Coast Aircraft Services achieves FAA 14 CFR Part 121 certification, including approval for paperless maintenance production and technical log procedures.

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 – Today Atlantic Coast Aircraft Services (ACAS) announced it has achieved approval for paperless maintenance production, paperless maintenance compliance recording and tablet-based in-aircraft paperless technical maintenance log procedures under FAA 14 CFR Part 121, all using functionality available in the RAAS aviation maintenance management system suite.

ACAS VP of Maintenance comments that “…this effort would not have been possible without the support of the Aviation InterTec Services (AIS) team. This is just as much about AIS as it is about ACAS.”  He continues to say “…we achieved our goal of paperless functionality with RAAS for the maintenance department.  I believe this has the potential to pave a new way forward for the industry as the technology advances.  Again, without all AIS’s hard work and support we would not be here today.”

AIS Director of Operations, Eric Hansen, adds “It is difficult to explain to people new to the aviation regulatory environment how exhaustive the FAA Part 121 certification process is.  To add some context, ACAS owners created the mandate in 2009, ACAS engaged AIS in 2011, and ACAS formally began the certification process in early 2012.  The final push was during the past four weeks.  AIS is extremely proud to have been an intrinsic part of this effort and we offer our congratulations to ACAS for achieving this goal”.

About ACAS

ACAS is a corporate flight department operating a fleet of Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft, previously operating under FAA Part 125.  Upon obtaining a 14 CFR Part 121 operating certificate ACAS intends to operate as a Supplemental All-Cargo air carrier. 

About AIS

Aviation InterTec Services provides best-in-class aircraft maintenance management software solutions and work flow consulting services for enterprise aviation maintenance organizations around the world.  AIS target market is mid-size fleet operators with a specific focus on the requirements of regional and narrow body aircraft.