Aviadex.Io – Aviation Data Exchange Service – Goes Live!

    16 Mar 2023


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QOCO is proud to present Aviadex.io, a revolutionary data exchange and integration service for all aviation industry operators!

Harnessing years of QOCO’s experience in aerospace system integration, this innovational solution allows users across the aerospace landscape to exchange data securely after one-time integration while streamlining an otherwise time-consuming process. With Aviadex.io you have control over who receives your data as well as what pieces they see.

Aviadex.io is revolutionizing the aviation industry by facilitating data exchange between main collaborators, airlines, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul businesses (MROs). With improved accessibility to essential information across the ecosystem comes unleashed potential for value creation, while automation saves time from employees, reducing human errors and any risks associated with it – making precision a reality in this fast-paced space!

Aviadex.io unlocks data potential by streamlining the flow from start to finish – from access and delivery, to processing for compatibility across systems, all the way through validating information for optimal accuracy and consistency.

“Nowadays, the aviation industry is remarkably intertwined. If you’re working for an airline, OEM, MRO, or lessor, you know how important it is to exchange data accurately and timely with your clients and partners. Before we created Aviadex.io, we saw many aviation businesses needing help with similar data exchange problems: lots of manual work in exchanging data, heavy point-to-point integration projects with a high maintenance cost, lack of standardization, and many others. We have solved these challenges with Aviadex.io, which makes data exchange within aviation effortless, efficient, and secure.”

Ilari Neitola, CEO and Founder