Automatic Due List Generation with RAAS

    15 Sep 2022


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Airplane undergoing regular maintenance in hangar.

The drudgery of traditional scheduled maintenance forecasting is known to anyone who has worked in maintenance planning.  Needing to execute repetitive forecasts against individual aircraft, fleets or major assemblies is routine at best and mind-numbing at worst.

Wouldn’t it be great if a software solution allowed a person to create a library of forecast templates, schedule those templates for repetitive periodic execution, and deliver the automatically executed forecast results to a user or group of users?  In addition to that, how about having the software solution auto-generate work orders in cases where there is something coming due within the forecast period?

Obviously, RAAS does all of these things.  Scheduled automatic forecast execution is a very popular feature used by a wide array of users on the basis that RAAS forecasting features allow forecasting against aircraft, aircraft types, major assemblies, ground equipment, inventory shelf lives and even tool cribs.  Auto-generation of work orders is also very popular, particularly with operators of smaller aircraft types.