Atlantic Coast Aircraft Services Extends RAAS Use

    12 Jun 2014


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Aviation InterTec Services customer Atlantic Coast Aircraft Services (ACAS) has chosen RAAS for deployment of paperless procedures within their maintenance organization.   

ACAS will take advantage of existing RAAS features that enable paperless operation including work assignment, electronic signature and maintenance release to the job, job-task or job-task-step level.  Additionally, ACAS, key in trial testing the RAAS EFB/EML iPad app, will employ the app to facilitate electronic maintenance logs on the aircraft, including defect reporting, defect closure, defect deferral and O&M procedure sign off.

Bill Yeager, ACAS Chief Operating Officer, comments, “ACAS selected RAAS system due to its modern and extensible technology.  RAAS was the only system which offered the flexibility necessary to allow ACAS to pursue a completely paperless maintenance documentation infrastructure”.

Aviation InterTec Services Director of Operations, Eric Hansen, says, “ACAS has been a progressive customer and over the past 1.5 years ACAS have helped to prove many of our paperless processes as well as worked with us to expand paperless capability.  The decision to pursue formal FAA approval of paperless procedures as well as the electronic maintenance log (EML) iPad app in the cockpit suggests trust in AIS delivery capacity”.