Atitech Purchases Joint Enigma and Rusada

    29 Sep 2010


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Atitech Purchases Joint Enigma and Rusada 

Integrated Software for Complete Aircraft MRO Solution

Systems Will Help Increase Efficiency, Reduce Turnaround Time

 For Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

BURLINGTON, Mass.—September 29, 2010—Enigma Inc., the leader in aftermarket service and support technology, today announced that Atitech, the largest aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul facility in Italy, has selected Enigma and Rusada to provide the most comprehensive planning and execution system for independent MRO facilities in the world.

The joint solution will integrate engineering and planning modules from Rusada with dynamic job card and technical content modules from Enigma, resulting in the most advanced MRO system for critical aircraft maintenance. The Atitech solution also includes complete financial and inventory modules. The Enigma-Rusada system will allow Atitech to accept and schedule MRO orders from airlines around the globe on very short notice. Loading the PDF, XML and SGML-based maintenance content using the Enigma smart knowledge system and feeding the planning and engineering modules of Rusada gives Atitech the capability to quote, plan and produce C and D check work packages in a matter of days, and sometimes hours, versus the many months that are often required today: all with updated content.      

Enigma will provide the following modules: InService MRO, Job Card Generator and Revision Manager. Rusada will provide the following module: Envision asset management system. Enigma InService MRO provides an ATA-compliant technical information system, with effectivity filtering, for aircraft, engine and component manuals. InService Job Card Generator automates the production of dynamic, step-by-step task cards that are used by technicians and inspectors to guide maintenance practices and document regulatory compliance. InService Revision Manager automates the process of reviewing OEM and airline-specific maintenance changes, resolving conflicts and updating all relevant information systems.

Atitech selected the Enigma-Rusada solution over competing non-integrated offerings to replace the existing MRO solution used by Alitalia. The Rusada professional services team will also integrate Envision with SAP, AMOS, and Atitech’s time reporting and HR systems.

As an independent, 3rd party MRO organization, Atitech provides comprehensive support for numerous airlines. As such, Atitech planners and technicians will rely on the joint solution as the source for all information related to airframe and component maintenance, which includes OEM and airline-specific maintenance manuals and parts catalogs, and all Atitech and airline-specific maintenance supplements, service bulletins and schematics. The Enigma-Rusada solution will support maintenance for a wide variety of airframes, including the Airbus A320 family, Boeing 737 family and MD 80 family. 350 licensed maintenance engineers and mechanics, including 70 administrators, will utilize the solution at the company’s heavy maintenance base in Naples, Italy.

“Atitech is committed to providing the fastest, safest and most accurate and cost effective maintenance for our customers, and we look forward to implementing the combined Enigma-Rusada maintenance and asset management system,” said Roberto de’ Pompeis, Atitech CEO.  “The joint solution offered significant benefits over alternative competitors. By integrating the technical content (AMM, IPC and Service Bulletins) that we receive from our customers to our internal business processes, which reside in our planning/ERP system, we will be able to increase our productivity and reduce turnaround times,” he added.

“The capability to load similar content from different airlines into Enigma will allow Atitech to provide each customer the individual attention they deserve,” said Jonathan Yaron, CEO of Enigma. “Enigma InService MRO repurposes technical content and integrates it with the planning and execution modules of Rusada, solving a very big problem for 3rd party MROs trying to compete for business. Maintenance organizations can quickly troubleshoot problems, identify appropriate parts and gather relevant service information, which is critical to maximizing productivity and compliance. The integration of Enigma and Rusada will improve Atitech’s customer support, accelerating aircraft service and reducing turnaround times.  We are pleased to be an integral part of Atitech’s plan to service aircraft and components more efficiently.” 

“Rusada is always looking for innovative ways to support our customers,” said Cameron Hood, CEO of Rusada. “Integrating the benefits of Rusada Envision and Enigma provides a seamless connection between an airline’s technical content with maintenance planning and execution. This capability allows the shop floor to achieve a level of efficiency and responsiveness that, until now, has not been available in the independent MRO market.”

About Atitech

Atitech is one of the largest repair stations in Europe, providing heavy maintenance services on narrow body aircraft. Until 1989 it was the technical department of ATI, the airline set up by Alitalia in 1964 to operate domestic flights within Italy. When ATI merged into Alitalia, Atitech continued to provide heavy maintenance services for Alitalia fleet. In the mid 1990’s, Atitech entered into the third party service market, making available its decades of experience and expertise in heavy maintenance to a growing number of Italian and Foreign Customers. In 2009 Atitech was privatized under the control of “Meridie Investimenti,” with Mr. Gianni Lettieri as President of both “Meridie” and Atitech. For more information about Atitech, please visit

About RusadaRusada Group SA is a global leader in the development of complex asset management software, providing a range of tools and delivering integrated IT solutions to enable the complete management and operation of fleets of aircraft and other complex assets and the optimisation of the service provision around them.  Rusada was created in 1987 as Russell Adams Limited, a UK-based aviation software provider and system integrator. Today it’s a global company headquartered in Switzerland with operations in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas. With a network of international partnerships, Rusada currently serves 50 major customers worldwide – and its software manages over 1,500 aircraft in 20 countries. For more information, visit

About Enigma
Enigma is the only software company delivering a product suite that improves the efficiency, consistency and profitability of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations and aftermarket sales and service organizations. Enigma’s unique products integrate with product lifecycle management, supply chain management, enterprise resource planning and other enterprise applications to provide a dynamic encyclopedia of service, parts and diagnostic information that captures technicians’ expertise and manages an optimal service and support workflow. By facilitating aftermarket maintenance, parts logistics and equipment uptime, Enigma helps service and support organizations maximize their profitability.  For more information, visit and

Enigma 3C is a registered trademark of Enigma.


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