App “t/complaint”: Deployment throughout the Lufthansa Technik

    14 Nov 2017


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App “t/complaint”: Deployment throughout the Lufthansa Technik …

– “t/complaint” is a 100-percent in-house development

– Significant reduction in effort required for data collection

Lufthansa Technik AG and Lufthansa Industry Solutions have developed an iOS-capable app, “t/complaint”, which allows for damage and complaints to be reported more quickly and processed much more efficiently. The app is now being deployed globally, across many divisions, from all customer service teams and many specialist workshops in the Lufthansa Technik Group.

Originally, “t/complaint” was developed by a team of mechanics at Lufthansa Technik’s Hamburg base to reduce the high data collection overhead for complaints in one specific division. The app allows a photo of the damage, taken using a tablet, to be automatically linked with the barcode photo of the order form and added to the report in the system. Processing this data used to take ten minutes and now takes only three.

“Continual enhancement means the app is now tailored for many divisions of Lufthansa Technik, with appropriate interfaces in place.

The usage ranges from definite damage reports and type plate clarification to work orders, supplies planning and photographic shipment checks in the logistics field,” says Stefan Kaehlert, Project Team Leader for “t/complaint” at Lufthansa Technik.


“t/complaint” was developed for mobile data collection in daily operations by a team from the workshops and the IT department, and then submitted to Ideas Management. For internal employees the app is available in the AppStore for iOS-capable devices such as iPhone and iPad. It is not only easy to use; it can also be used in completely individual ways depending on the area of application and the purpose.

More than 50 departments and subsidiaries are already using this in-house product.

Individual Lufthansa Technik divisions are currently making exclusive use of personalized iOS devices. In the future, freely accessible team devices will be made available to ensure direct access to all devices. At the same time, the company-wide introduction of multi-scanners with photographic capability is being considered.

These devices first scan the SAP report, then they take photos and transmit the data to the SAP system via WLAN (WiFi).