AMT’s Flightman™ EFB Software Selected By ATR

    29 Apr 2011


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AMT has been selected by ATR to add new software solutions to its Class 2 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). This new offering will remove paper from the cockpit and reduce operational crew workload by ensuring single point data capture.

The extended EFB package offer will include additional applications to record and compute key operational information onboard, facilitate the data transfer on and off the aircraft and provide a ground based interface for the management and reporting of EFB data. The solution incorporates the eJourney Log, eTechlog and Aircraft Content Manager applications developed by Ireland’s Aircraft Management Technologies (AMT) as part of their award winning suite of EFB applications, Flightman™.

The eJourney Log is an electronic version of existing flight crew paper forms carried on a commercial aircraft. It captures hours and cycles, crew information, fuel management, delays and landing information together with vendor services used. The application also allows flight crew to complete relevant company reports such as ASRs (Air Safety Report). The completed logs and reports are transferred off the aircraft electronically and made available via a ground based web interface.

The eTechlog allows the recording of technical data onboard the aircraft. The data captured includes de-icing, fuel, oil and hydraulic fluid uplifts. With the eTechlog application, ground crew can obtain access to real-time aircraft information, thus leading to improved process reliability.

The eJourney Log and eTechlog can be integrated within a comprehensive data upload and download process to get and provide valuable information to the airline back office information system. Upload and download capabilities are embedded within the Flightman™ package to interface and integrate onboard applications within the comprehensive Operator’s information network.

The Aircraft Content Manager is a web-based application enabling the remote distribution and centralized management of all content of the EFB devices. The content is transferred in an efficient, compliant and timely manner and can include manuals, flight crew instructions, charts, and navigational database updates.

Commenting on ATR’s extended EFB offer, Luigi Mollo, Vice-President Commercial in Customer Services, declares: “The new software available in the ATR’s Extended EFB will provide ATR pilots with the most modern tools to record and exchange data with airlines’ back office systems, directly from the cockpit. This will clearly contribute to ease their tasks and save time. As a consequence, the Extended EFB offer will remove paper from the flight deck and allow airlines to streamline their operational processes”.

About Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
ATR has selected top ranked CMC Pilot view EFB. ATR’s EFB hosts reference data such as operating manuals and navigational charts, and automates many functions such as take-off and landing performance calculations via the ATR Single-point Performance Software, thus making operations easier and safer. “With relevant validation from aviation authorities”, it reduces quantities of paper and simplifies its management. It serves also as a critical communication gateway between key centers like operations, maintenance, administration and finance. EFB raises productivity and lowers overall expenditure by saving time. ATR proposes Class 2 EFB, which is certified to operate during all phases of flight.

About AMT
AMT is an award winning provider of software technology to automate and streamline operations within the aviation industry. AMT’s flagship Flightman™ family of products comprises innovative software technology which synchronizes an extensive data model between the aircraft and various airline ground systems, and provides forms and workflows tailored to various users to enable dramatic process improvement in the cockpit, cabin and on the ramp, thus reducing costs and enhancing efficiency in aircraft operations and maintenance. (For further information please visit:

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