Alkym Selected by VECA Airlines during start up in El Salvador

    07 Apr 2014


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Shannon, Ireland. April 2014// Volartec welcomes VECA Airlines as the first operator based in El Salvador. Several months ago during the startup process VECA Airlines selected Alkym as the system to manage all of their technical operations. VECA Airlines has now completed the implementation Alkym ® Management and Control System for Aircraft Maintenance.

The prompt selection of a system allowed VECA to ensure the aircraft were imported directly into the system as they arrived into the fleet. It meant that the aircraft were under full control of Alkym from the earliest opportunity.

Director of System and Infrastructure with VECA Airlines, José Giannattei announced the news stating that “VECA Airlines analyzed the all the main control systems market. Alkym came with such strong references from current operators similar to us in addition to an excellent cost / benefit balance. As we have already finished with the implementation project, we can conclude that the professional technical level Volartec staff delivered exceeded our expectations, which I assure were high to begin with”

Manuel Roche, Commercial Manager with Volartec, greeted the announcement with “The selection of Alkym by VECA Airlines confirms that Alkym has continued to progress in the right direction. We competed with many vendors of alternative solutions and proved once again we have the balance of functionality and price where the industry needs us to be. Startup and expanding airlines understand they need the best technology to manage their assets but expect to have access to this at realistic pricing levels. This we deliver time after time.”

ABOUT VECA AIRLINES VECA Airlines is a low cost operator in El Salvador. Its main base is El Salvador International Airport, where flights made dehtstional regional aircraft AIRBUS A319. The start of operation for the first half of this year is expected.

ABOUT VOLARTEC Volartec is one of the fastest growing IT companies in the aviation industry. Specialized in the development and implementation of world class software systems, Volartec provides the most profitable products and services of the market.

With more than 10 years of experience in the aviation industry and constituted by a highly qualified IT and aviation experts team, Volartec assures a successful combination of professionalism and experience.