Aircore_sytems GmbH announces their EFB Solution V 3.0

    10 Jun 2013


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Just in time to the EFB Exhibition in London Heathrow, aircore systems has announced a brand new version 3.0 of their EFB solution AS-FlightBag. Updating a system that is already very good, this cockpit IT solution includes a lot of new functionality in the already well-established basic modules of Library, JourneyLog, CrewBriefing, LeastCostRouting and TechLog. But more than that, there is now a brand new module, eOFP, which supports the pilots and optimizes their daily work in the flight.

The Challenge

With this latest manifestation of a well-established  solution, the objective was to provide one FlightBag for various and variable types of operations such as wet or dry Leasing, ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance), Own Use, etc.. Also, to work across a range of hardware platforms like tablet PCs and notebooks using MS-Win 7 or 8, and Apple iOS. Furthermore, the solution had to be compatible with aircraft specific hardware such as that from Lufthansa Technik, Goodrich, EAE electronics, NavAero, etc.

The solution

aircore_systems GmbH (AS) has further developed the latest version of its EFB-Software Solution called AS-FlightBag, which includes the core modules:

1. Library: airline specific document management between ground and cockpit;
2. CrewBriefing: the eOFP and all additional information necessary for flight preparation;

3. JourneyLog: the dynamic flight data handling to and from the cockpit;

4. TechLog: electronic work order with eSignature and connectivity to several maintenance applications;

5. LeastCostRouting: minimization of data transfer costs between back office and cockpit;

6. PostFlightAnalysis: reporting of processes, efficiency and problems, controlling, statistic etc.

It is also possible to deploy fully embedded 3rd party applications such as performance tools and navigation applications like Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro and Lido eRoute-Manual as well as Cost-Index Operations from PACE.


As well as a high level of broad capability and functionality, AS-FlightBag offers great connectivity. All data (text files, databases, and technical parameters) are primary TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)–based transferred via Wi-Fi, GPRS, Edge, 3G, LTE (4G) and IP-based SatCom. Data transfers via USB-Stick, Bluetooth or Iridium-Modem are possible, but less efficient.

An optional least cost routing (LCR) table minimizes the transfer costs depending on urgency, A/C position and kind of value.


A further feature of AS-FlightBag is the TechLog module which contains the aircraft technical status and a workorder management including eMEL functionality. eSignature function ensures authority for approved secured data transfer.

Efficiency and security throughout

Workflow optimization – leading to efficiency gain and cost reductions – is the main objective for AS–FlightBag 3.0 Suite. This is realized by a seamless information transfer between all participating functions in the airline, including operations control, cockpit, maintenance, back office, authorities and other parties. Trust center proven eSignatures can be assigned to all legal relevant activities and workflows and will ensure that paper based work can be substituted fully by electronic workflows.

To find out more about AS–FlightBag 3.0 Suite, contact

aircore_systems GmbH

Tel.:             +49-2992-9771-0
Fax:             +49-2992-9771-17

and take your first step towards discovering the secret of ‘Efficiency for Aviation’.


Notes for Editors

aircore_systems GmbH

aircore_systems GmbH is a part of the PAS-IT-Group founded in 1992 and located at Marsberg, Germany, close to airport Paderborn (PAD / EDLP).

The objective of the business is to provide suitable and affordable software solutions and consulting for the airline industry. The major difference from other companies is aircore’s combination of IT knowledge on the one hand and airline knowledge on the other hand, as staff members hold a valid captains ratings on transport category aircraft in addition to their academic degrees.

The main software application of aircore_systems, which has been in use over many years with several regional airlines, is the EFB solution: AS–FlightBag 3.0 .