AIR SUPPORT releasing Flight Watch, integrating flight tracking with flight planning

    13 Sep 2018


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AIR SUPPORT releasing Flight Watch, integrating flight tracking with flight planning

Based on both strategic development and customer feedback, AIR SUPPORT will soon add Flight Watch to its product portfolio. First release is scheduled for November 5th, 2018.

Flight Watch, AIR SUPPORT’s new state-of-the-art flight tracking solution, will initially be released as a stand-alone product and subsequently be placed within the OpsControl application suite. Together with the PPS Flight Planning System, OpsControl will ultimately make up a comprehensive platform for suitability checks, flight tracking and more.

Combined with high-quality space-based ADS-B tracking data via its new partnership with Aerial & Maritime Ltd., which supplies low latency ADS-B data collected from nanosatellites, AIR SUPPORT’s own unique professional grade terrestrial ADS-B network solution for aviation use will make up the primary data foundation for Flight Watch, providing customers with advanced flight tracking features and ensuring gate-2-gate coverage. Additionally, Flight Watch will also integrate with an array of other well-known flight tracking data sources via ACARS, Eurocontrol, governmental data sets and other terrestrial- and space-based ADS-B tracking sources.

Who will benefit from Flight Watch?
AIR SUPPORT envisions Flight Watch to be fully integrated into all phases of flight planning. This will enable many new innovative optimization features for aircraft operators wanting to plan on actual knowledge and statistics collected on their own live operations rather than theoretic data models. Flight Watch will also ensure that all AIR SUPPORT customers affected by legislative flight tracking requirements according to the GADSS Regulation will be compliant once enforced on December 16th, 2018