Air Support has a new Crew Briefing APP available

    23 Jul 2014


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At AIR SUPPORT we recognize your need for quality mobile tools for day to day aviation operations – and know you appreciate having them available at the exact time you need them. For instance using your device to easily download your specific PPS flight package – wherever you want it. And access all relevant information such as WX, NOTAMs related to a particular flight, when and where you need it.

We have now created the PPS CrewBriefing app – and this is just the beginning.  There are many more ways we’d like to save your valuable time and take advantage of PPS on the mobile platforms. Stay alert. We are working hard behind the scenes.

Got any comments, ideas or thoughts? I’d like to hear from you. Write to me at


AIR SUPPORT specializes in the provision of pc-based flight planning software systems with runway analysis as well as integrated web-based CrewBriefing services and isone of the world’s leading supplier of flight planning software and CrewBriefing solutions to private and commercial business aircraft operators, regional/charter/cargo/national airlines as well as military/utility operators. 

AIR SUPPORT also specializes in the provision of advanced interfaced solutions towards airline operators and business aviation operators who utilize 3rd party scheduling and crew planning systems. Interfaced solutions offer the operator fully automated and dynamical optimized data output. 

PPS is today used by aircraft operators throughout 64 countries.

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