AeroMechanical Services announces successful AFIRS 228 demonstration flight

    17 May 2011


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Calgary, Alberta – May 17, 2011 — AeroMechanical Services Ltd. (TSX-V: AMA) (the “Company” or “AMA”) is pleased to announce that its next generation Automated Flight Information Reporting System (“AFIRS”), the AFIRSTM 228B,  has been successfully installed and demonstrated on a Hawker Beechcraft 750 aircraft in Chester, United Kingdom.

The AFIRS 228 test equipment used for the demonstration flight was purchased by a  potential customer of AMA and installed on their Hawker Beechcraft aircraft.  The session was observed by representatives from the aircraft operator, the aircraft manufacturer’s staff and FLYHT employees.

AFIRS is the only technology with the capability to deliver data from an aircraft’s black box in real-time. AFIRS functions include the transmission of regular flight follow messages and real-time warnings on any unusual occurrences. In addition, AFIRS sends airframe and engine data that allow customers to save fuel and improve aircraft performance and operations with access to information wherever and whenever required. AFIRS uses the Iridium satellite network, for which AMA is a Value Added Reseller.

The hardware and software performed without incident and successfully transmitted all data on the flight and met all specifications as required by the potential client for the system. The flight also displayed the full emergency data-streaming capabilities from the  FLYHTStreamTM program of the 228.

“This demonstration is a significant milestone in the development of the 228,” said Bill Tempany, CEO of AMA. “Its success validates our team’s efforts and highlights the 228’s capabilities to our prospective and existing customers. This flight is the first step in completing the commercial roll-out of this product, planned for the third quarter of 2011.”

The flight test involved a set of maneuvers intended to trigger key messages well within the safe test envelope of the aircraft. During the test flight, the 228 unit met expected performance criteria and delivered the required messages to all recipients.

The demonstration required a provisions-only Supplemental Type Certificate (“STC”) from the European Aviation Safety Agency (“EASA”), which was granted in the first week of May. AMA first received a provisions-only STC for the 228 on the Hawker series of aircraft from Transport Canada in March 2011. The Company anticipates that the full STC will be completed in the fall of 2011 after receipt of the DO160 certification (a certification for the Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment).

The Company will continue to apply for STCs throughout the year. It is anticipated that the final release of the AFIRS 228 will be completed in early 2012 in connection with the new aircraft traffic control regulations (Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (“CPDLC”)) and DO 178b level D certification (a software quality assurance standard for aviation).

When completed, the AFIRS 228 will be a fully certified avionics platform capable of meeting all air navigation requirements for CPDLC in Europe and Future Air Navigation System (“FANS”) in the United States and will provide all input and outputs necessary to continue to enhance the value of real-time data for AMA’s customers globally. The AFIRS 228 will be the first safety services certified platform to provide FLYHTStream, AMA’s patent pending emergency data streaming solution, which delivers all of the black box data in real-time from an aircraft to the ground, initiated by the aircraft, pilot or ground personnel.

About AeroMechanical Services
AeroMechanical Services Ltd., under the brand name FLYHTTM, provides proprietary technological products and services designed to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in the airline industry. The company has patented and commercialized three products and associated services currently marketed to airlines, manufacturers and maintenance organizations around the world. Its premier technology, AFIRS™ UpTime™, allows airlines to monitor and manage aircraft operations anywhere, anytime, in real-time. If an aircraft encounters an emergency, AMA’s emergency data streaming mode, FLYHTStream™, automatically streams vital data, normally secured in the black box, to designated sites on the ground in real-time. The company has been publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange since 2003 under the trading symbol AMA.

AFIRS, UpTime, FLYHT, FLYHTStream and aeroQ are trademarks of AeroMechanical Services Ltd.

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