Aero-Webb® New version : 5.0

    29 Apr 2011


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2MoRO announces the release of the new Aero-Webb® version (v5.0). This one significantly improves the functional scope of the Fleet Management (FM), Asset Availability Forecaster & Optimizer (A2FO) and Master Configuration Hub (MCH) modules. Some minor evolutions, user oriented, have also been implemented on Inspector WorkBench (IWB).

On the functional side, the main improvements are on the event management function of Fleet Management building block. It has evolved into a real workflow oriented application with better data traceability and status tracking.

The user interface has been improved to help customer to easily link operational events to configuration or maintenance events. The search capabilities on events table have been enhanced with multi criteria (possibility to keep in memory these criteria) so that it becomes very simple to retrieve information, and get feedback on fleet data. Moreover, Failure, Malfunction and Defect forms are now available in PDF or Excel output formats.

In addition, data loaders of Aero-Webb® have been enriched so that it is now XML format compliant. For instance, FM is capable to fully import assets and events information from external information systems. For the customer, it is now easy to take advantages of the FM added value functionalities.
A2FO has also been updated to be able to forecast and plan maintenance of several aircrafts or assets at the same time, taking into account scheduled tasks (data coming from different maintenance manuals), residual potential value of LLP (through a usage simulation), unscheduled events (i.e. SB or AD to be applied on an engine fleet) and aircraft missions. The results are an improved monitoring of maintained assets (Aircrafts, Engines, and Modules).

Among the main evolutions of MCH module, we added our dynamic attributes management, making the attributes customization with virtually no limits. Several objects managed with this module (essentially those found on IPC and MM documentation) are easily user-customizable; to be sure that customer will find a way to follow all its data specificities. Moreover, illustrations, whatever the format (Images, pdf, or event documentation URL) can be associated to item data to complement Aero-Webb data information.
What’s next? The next version of Aero-Webb will be open to the outside IT environment, providing connectivity tools to marketplaces such as Aeroxechange or MyFleetRecords. It will also integrate the new A3 building block, dedicated to business intelligence…

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