Aero One® 4.6: become more accurate managing man-hour cost and get more flexibility

    05 Oct 2015


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Aero One® 4.6: become more accurate managing man-hour cost and get more flexibility


We were eager to deliver this new version of Aero One® that will answer your every need of time tracking management and even more.

What will you find in this new release that will definitely convince you that is worthwhile to go with Aero One® 4.6?

Have a look on the following features! We are pretty sure that they might be interesting for your business optimization:

  • Track your staff overtime & define and assign work profile to some of your employees: Because not every working-hour or every employee has the same cost for the company, Aero One® now gives you the tools to be more accurate when calculating maintenance activity’s man-hour cost. Set overtime and work-profile so that your man-hour cost on each maintenance operation reflects the reality.

  • Confirm work operations from your barcodes scanner device: You already had the possibility to close an operation through barcodes scanner device using Aero One® Time Tracking functionality. We went further and enhanced this functionality so you can now confirm operations in the system in the same manner that you were able to close them.

  • Search Flights form
    : Aero One® Flight Operations module comes now with an additional form that helps you to find a flight in the system based on multi-criteria search (flight number, tail number, dates, departure/arrival location, observation, aircraft type, and so on). Searching for a flight is becoming easy as 1, 2, 3!