ADSoftware to manage ENAC’s 107-strong fleet of aircraft

    11 Jun 2018


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ADSoftware to manage ENAC’s 107-strong fleet of aircraft

29 May 2018

ADSoftware is pleased to announce its partnership with ENAC (Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile), France’s leading civil aviation university.

ADSoftware is delighted to announce its partnership with France’s Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC), the country’s leading civil aviation university. The company has been chosen to oversee data migration and management for the university’s 107-strong fleet of aircraft. The historic move marks ENAC’s first change of software provider since 2006.


ADSoftware’s AIRPACK to manage key data

The project’s first stage is expected to last around four months, with initial data migration beginning in June 2018. ADSoftware’s AIRPACK modules will subsequently store, manage and interpret existing and upcoming data for all aircraft operated by the university. AIRPACK will allow ENAC’s technical team to prepare complete technical analyses, as well as being able to plan and execute maintenance using fully-integrated peripheral platforms. Meeting ENAC’s requirements for a modern and effective tool, AIRPACK is 100% Cloud stored, allowing for greater flexibility and competitive pricing while ensuring data is all under one roof.

L’ENAC: France’s leading civil aviation university

With nine campuses that home over 3,000 students, ENAC is Europe’s largest and most prestigious civil aviation university. As well as cutting-edge research, the school offers three main training programs: traditional aviation engineering, maintenance and technical training, and pilot training courses for public and private entities in accordance with European standards. ENAC also provides full training for air traffic controllers, as well as preparing pilots before they begin specialist aircraft training.

Technical Director Nathalie Delesse said: “ENAC is pleased to announce its collaboration with AD Software. In the coming months, we aim to have all our data and maintenance information grouped within a single platform, for improved visibility and time management when planning maintenance and repairs. We hope this partnership will last for many years.”