ADSoftware partners with industry leader ATR

    11 Oct 2018


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ADSoftware partners with industry leader ATR

ADSoftware partners with ATR

ADSoftware is pleased to announce an official partnership with aircraft manufacturer ATR, the world leader for regional aircraft up to 80 seats. The collaboration is set to commence in October 2018. A leader in the manufacturing sector, the joint partnership between Airbus and Leonardo has over 200 operators in more than 100 countries, with over 1,500 aircraft sold to date. With a turnover of almost $1.7bn, ATR aircraft are responsible for over 5,000 flights per day around the world.

Every 8 seconds, an ATR aircraft takes-off or lands somewhere around the world
– ATR, April 2018

Connectivity a “must-have”: ATR trusts ADSoftware

Talking about the partnership, Patrick Massicot, Head of Airframe & MRO Services, praised ADSoftware’s customer management and quick response times, saying: “As our ATR Part 145 and Part M/CAMO teams work not only in our Francazal (Toulouse) maintenance base but also in very remote areas, connectivity and high availability of the MIS are a must-have. Listening skills, technical skills and agility to meet ATR specifications and demonstrate or implement new features were just some of the key reasons for ATR’s partnership with ADSoftware, deploying the full IT suite which is now ongoing”.

A complete technical partnership

ATR has chosen ADSoftware to manage its MRO and CAMO activities, via ADSoftware’s pack of industry-leading Maintenance Information Systems. ADSoftware’s complete suite of tools allows users to manage

  • flight time and logbooks
  • supply chain
  • access key documentation
  • maintenance team planning
  • statistics and accounting
  • security management
  • full data indexation and file conversion

In addition to MRO and CAMO management, ADSoftware will work alongside ATR to develop new processes and methods to integrate and manage key technical data, including migration to new aircraft and phase-in/phase-out processes. With these new features aircraft data integration will be quick and easy, allowing the operator to save time and money in the process.