A New North American Customer got onboard with 2MoRO

    30 Sep 2014


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A New North American Customer got onboard with 2MoRO

In late September 2014, 2MoRO announced that Flair Airlines Ltd has chosen to implement the Flight Operations module of its Aero One® MRO software to enhance its SAP Business One ERP.

Flair Airlines Ltd. is a Canadian leader in charter airline operations that offers passenger charter services both domestically and internationally. Also, North Sands Air Services Ltd. joined Flair Air in 2013. to provide comprehensive workforce transportation solutions to a range of companies operating in the natural resource development and heavy construction industries in Western Canada.

The group has a current fleet of Boeing 737-400 (734) aircrafts and is in the process of adding to the operating certificate two smaller aircrafts: Embraer 175 and Dornier 328.

Earlier this year, Flair Air and North Sands Air were looking for a good reporting tool and centralized storage capabilities for flight logs (i.e. takeoff and landing report). Also, easy financial integration with all Flair Air’s projects was required. Indeed, the company ran its business using a number of systems that did not communicate in real time with each other, creating different information silos.

Vision 33, the very reliable SAP Gold Partner, alongside with 2MoRO, proposed Flair Air to take advantage of one unique system that stores all necessary data and allows for real time reporting and KPIs by integrating SAP Business One and Aero One®. Aero One® enhances SAP Business One with aviation MRO functional modules (certified by SAP) to properly log flights information, helping Flair Air to make their operations more efficient.

Also, to fit with the very challenging context of the company, it was important to ensure scalability of the application with the future possible integration of other Aero One® business functionalities in Flair Air brand-new ERP system (Fleet Management, Maintenance Execution, etc.)  That is why Vision 33 and 2MoRO chose to take a step by step approach to implement the solution and make it evolve alongside with Flair Air growing activity.

Vision 33 and 2MoRO are currently in the implementation process of SAP Business One and Aero One® Flight Operations module and are confident that, in a not too distant future, it will make Flair Airlines better able to manage and analyze their activity.