35 years of being a flight deck favourite

    26 Mar 2019


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35 years of being a flight deck favourite

26th March 2019

March marks an important milestone for Bytron Aviation Systems as the brand celebrates 35 years in the aviation industry.

Bytron was originally formed in March 1984 by the late Richard Harris and his wife Irene.

Richard, who was a long-haul pilot at the time, spotted an opportunity born out of constant frustration and shortly after the company was formed, the answer to this problem was launched.

What was this solution? It was a strip printing system that automated the provision of weather information for pilots ahead of their flights which back in 1984 was as innovative as a DeLorean time machine.

From day 1, innovation and strong customer service have been at the core of Bytron and the directors have worked hard to build on these values that have been a major part of the business from the very start, setting Bytron Aviation Systems aside from competing firms.

Bytron Managing Director, Shane Spencer said: “I am immensely proud of the company and what we have achieved during our first 35 years and the fact we are still firmly on top of our game is testament to the hard work of everyone back at Bytron HQ.

“We remain totally independent and our skybook solution is built, maintained and further developed in house by our specialist team which allows us to be more flexible and deliver exactly what is required from our clients.

“2019 is an exciting year for us and we’re marking our anniversary with the launch of several new skybook products throughout the year that have been developed together with our clients and industry partners so please watch this space.”

The multiple award winning skybook Aviation Cloud is now the company’s premier solution offering a range of flexible solutions for flight operations and dispatch, Flight Following, airport monitoring, ground handling and also an EFB application.

It’s a solution that continually raises the bar and is already proven by operators across the globe and by Jeppesen and AKKA Technologies, who entered in a supply partnership with Bytron in 2017 and 2018 respectively having selected skybook above other solutions on the market. Both companies are now able to offer skybook as part of their product line up.

skybook is proven to save time and money, to improve efficiency and safety, to improve turnround times and above all, to greatly improve the flow of vital information between flight operations, ground handlers, and the flight deck.

If you want to find out more about skybook and would like to try our software for free, simply email us at info@bytron.aero and we’ll start your journey right away.