2MoRO announces the release of a new module: Aero One® Flight Operations

    07 Apr 2014


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p style=”text-align: justify;”>In addition to a bunch of enhancements with the ergonomic and features in terms of maintenance execution (Part 145), 2MoRO announces the release of a new module: Aero One® Flight Operations!

Schedule and record your flight operations and be at the source of the data you need for maintenance planning, is what this module is designed for.

Whether you are an airline or an aircraft operator, this module has been thought to fulfill your very own expectations. We know that your business is different; so we have designed features to adapt to each one’s specific constraints in terms of flight planning and crew assignment.

We look forward to letting you discover the two main pillars of Aero One® Flight Operations’ first release: Flight Scheduling & Flight Records.

We set up a cockpit to consult and smoothly drive your whole flight operations. See at a glance what has been planned and balanced it against what actually happens. Moreover, the Flight Scheduling feature allows creating and updating flight schedules. A user-friendly and interactive interface will display them in a calendar time grid. Track the status of flights for your fleet (planned, arrived, delayed) and be alerted by visual signals when a flight is delayed or canceled. Additionally, the creation and management of recurring flights will help to work smarter, be proactive and reduce the duplication of effort.

The Flight Records features are used for actual post-flight data collection, as provided in pilot’s log. Simply and quickly capture and keep history for analysis of time updates, crew information, liquids, fuel & oil consumption, PAX & loads and counters. Directly connected to the Aero One® Fleet Management module, this functionality is particularly useful to calculate the actual flight time, account the aircraft/equipments flight hours and update counters. Keep all your fleet data up to date for your maintenance activity! Also, if you prefer to record flight information for a working day at once rather than one by one, you will find the Daily Flight Log feature very convenient!

In addition of this new module, we added advanced functionalities to simplify the jobs of sales and logistics departments.  

The ‘Sales Cockpit’ allows easily creating sales documents (quotation & invoice) from technical information fed by the technical staff. Whether you need to create a quotation from the results of an inspection process or create time & material invoice, Aero One®  does it all in flawless way! So, the Sales Cockpit provides a range of features to easily get the sales inputs and finally create the document in a few clicks.

Meanwhile, the Logistic Cockpit summarizes in an easy-to-handle way all logistic information and stock movements to perform or to be performed in relation to a maintenance project. No need for complex searches to retrieve what has to be done, it is all there! Quick access to standard stock transactions is of course part of this cockpit.

We still have some exciting features in store and we are working hard to show you some of them very soon!