2MoRO announces Aero One® new release at the end of October

    24 Oct 2013


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In addition to a bunch of improvements, this new release includes 2 main changes: one from a technical point of view, and the other from a functional point of view.

First, Aero One is now compatible with SBO 9.0 which includes nice new features of interest for MRO businesses such as bin management or more accurate account determination. These new features will reflect in Aero One, setting once again a higher standard when it comes to ERP systems for small to medium size MROs.

Second, Aero One is now even more powerful in terms of maintenance execution (part 145). In addition to its state of the art features for maintenance management and controlling, we added advanced functionalities to simplify the jobs of sales and logistics departments. This translates into advanced cockpits.

The Sales cockpit allows to easily create sales documents (Quotation, Invoice) from technical information fed by the technical staff. Whether you need to create a quotation from the results of the inspection process (Which is also covered in Aero One) or create Time & Material invoice, Aero One does it all, and it does it in flawless way ! Inspection cockpit provides a bunch a features to easily get the sales inputs and finally create the document in a few clicks. Of course, this is done in a perfect integration with Business One features and standards.

Meanwhile, the Logistic Cockpit is a precious help for logistic team. It summarizes in a easy-to-handle way all logistic information and stock movements to perform or to be performed in relation to a project. No need for complex searches to retrieve what has to be done, it is all there. Quick access to standard stock transactions is of course part of the cockpit.

Whether you are from the logistics or sales team, your life will be simplified with the use of Aero One cockpits, thus giving you a simple overview, in one screen, of information and transactions that you need, saving you a lot of time and efforts and giving the accuracy your expecting from a world class ERP.

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