2MoRO adds a new software suite to its catalogue

    10 Apr 2015


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2MoRO adds a new software suite to its catalogue

2MoRO has decided to answer the needs of small operators that are often ignored or neglected by aviation software providers. This new software will be released by the time you read this article and will first come with CAMO features. Part 145 module will be then quickly added.

We are proud to present here an overview of our new solution.

Discover the opportunities of a new MRO software approach

PC, tablets & smart phones are now at the center of your business. With 2FLY take advantage of having your fleet information at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Adopting the Software As A Service (SaaS) option is the another philosophy: you choose to control and spread the cost.

Your business is growing, your needs are evolving, so as to be your application. 2FLY offers its own apps store for scalability.

Take care of fleet and ensure airworthiness
As an aircraft operator, you want to stay focus on what matters most: operating aircraft with the highest level of security without compromising profitability. 2FLY will make it possible by enabling easy data collection, processing and reporting in a comprehensive and straightforward package.

Your business is challenging: you need to collect a large amount of on-field data, process them to track key indicators and manage compliance to ensure continuing security and airworthiness of your fleet.

2FLY is a multi-device web-enabled data collection and reporting solution that will help you to ease your task and cut back your hassle.

It is a simple and efficient tool, easy to use, easy to customize that you can use anywhere at any time.

You operate aircraft, not computers
Are you fed up with time-consuming paperwork, complicated data re-entries in those awful spreadsheets or archaic system? You already have headaches thinking that it will take forever to set-up and edit your reports through inaccurate reporting tools? 2FLY is an efficient and powerful cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team to connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. Reduce costs, increase productivity and enable collaboration, integration and innovation.

2FLY is everything your business needs coupled with the tools your employees want.

Be warned in real time
2FLY enables user ‘push’ warnings with easy-to-setup alerts module. You will be pushed the relevant information as per your expectations. You choose what you want to see and 2FLY will bring it to you at the right moment.

These features will bring another dimension when it comes to be proactive in your work environment.

Edit report in a snap
The need for reporting is a must in aviation. Whether it is for your managing team or for Authorities’ audit, you need a comprehensive and quick access to reports.

2FLY brings several ways to consult and edit reports: a dedicated reporting ‘environment’ and a ‘on-context’ report generation.  This will ensure that you easily get what you are expecting at any time.

Stay tuned with OEM’s tech pubs
Now, that is a challenge: getting the OEM information in your system. Forget about what you saw or got, with 2FLY, you get a clear upload menu with templates in most common formats, for all the technical data. Just pick the template, feed it, and upload it. Plus, stay tuned on the 2FLY Apps Store for automated updates such EASA/FAA Airworthiness Directives.

Stay tuned at www.2moro.com