25th Jubilee in Air Support

    06 Feb 2014


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CEO Per Jensen founded the company in 1989, and today 25 years later Air Support has become one of the world’s leading providers of Flight Planning Software.

It is a proud man that rises from his chair, looking at all the people around him. Family, friends, colleagues and business partners, gathered to celebrate Per Jensen and his achievements throughout the years.

As most other young men, Per Jensen wanted to make a difference in the world – his dream came true. Today Air Support has clients in 64 countries and the demand for PPS, Preflight Planning System, is increasing rapidly.  

2014 will be a landmark for Air Support. There are many new and exciting features in store for PPS-clients. Some of which will revolutionize the perception of flight planning. 

Air Support was founded in 1989, and has throughout the years been a pioneer in several areas within flight support. The core product PPS, Preflight Planning System, is one of the world’s leading flight planning systems, and PPS’s market share has grown considerably over the last years. Several experts within the aviation sector has predicted PPS to be the most frequently used flight planning software in a nearest future.