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Latest eJournal

Aircraft IT MRO – September / October 2020

Aircraft IT MRO Issue 44: September / October 2020

> Case Study: Looking into the future at Etihad Airways - the benefits of Predictive Maintenance and Big Data on Connected Aircraft
Borja Dosal Roiz, Avionics Engineer / CAMO Fleet Manager, Etihad Airways
> Case Study: A better view of process in a paperless environment at Embraer Aircraft Maintenance Services
Neal Reagor, Director Planning and Commercial Services, EAMS
> Case Study: MRO IT system modernization at ATSG
Paul Harding, Director, Information Technology, Air Transport Services Group (ATSG)
> IATA's Digital Aircraft Operations Initiative - an update to IATA's digital aircraft maintenance initiative.
Iryna Khomenko, Manager, Operational Efficiency, IATA SFO, IATA
> How I See IT Column: COVID-19: impacts and progress
Allan Bachan, Vice-President, ICF

Latest News

Industry News and Updates

    18 November 2020

    Swiss AviationSoftware Ltd

Bees Airline takes off with AMOS

At a glance Another start-up airline “on approach” for AMOS New Ukrainian airline signs for AMOS Quick implementation targeted Extensive AMOS know-how exists on customer side Proven maintenance processes as corner stone for future growth Bees Airline is a new start-up airline in Ukraine and has selected AMOS to support their business. One could almost… Read More

    17 November 2020

    Ramco Aviation

Canada’s Leading Speciality Aircraft Operator, Conair marks one year of ‘paperless’ operations with Ramco Anywhere Apps.

Successful implementation of Ramco Mechanic Anywhere, bundled with Task Card Digitization & e-sign significantly improves maintenance efficiency Abbotsford, CANADA/ Chennai, INDIA – November 17, 2020 – Global enterprise software specialist Ramco Systems announced that its ‘Mechanic Anywhere App’ has been successfully implemented at Conair Group Inc., boosting the Canadian speciality aircraft operator and aerial firefighting service provider’s efforts to revamp its maintenance… Read More

    10 November 2020

    IFS Aerospace and Defense

IFS helps Marshall Aerospace & Defence Group scale its global defence manufacturing and service business

To ensure visibility and control over mission-critical business processes such as manufacturing and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), international defence manufacturer and service provider Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group turned to global enterprise applications company IFS for a comprehensive enterprise applications platform.