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Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, is a catalyst for human progress. We provide business and people with collaborative virtual environments to imagine sustainable innovations. By creating ‘virtual twin experiences’ of the real world with our 3DEXPERIENCE platform and applications, our customers push the boundaries of innovation, learning and production.

Dassault Systèmes’ 20,000 employees are bringing value to more than 290,000 customers of all sizes, in all industries, in more than 140 countries. For more information, visit https://www.3ds.com


SkyPath was established in 2015 by pilots who have set their vision on solving the turbulence problem. The aviation community has been trying to come to grips with CAT (Clear Air Turbulence) For over 30 years. The available data is cumbersome, elusive and unreliable in guiding pilots in midair, raising major questions in the commercial aviation. The SkyPath eco system answers these questions by presenting real time turbulence conditions along the planned route, enabling airline planners and pilots to optimally and economically avoid severe conditions.

Cabin Defect Log

The Flightman™ Cabin Defect Log application allows Flight Attendants, Flight Crew and Maintenance users access the cabin defect status of the aircraft and record and action discrepancies. On reporting for a flight, the crew will receive the up to date cabin defect status for their rostered aircraft. All data entered by the crew can be synchronized to the other onboard devices and exported to the airline’s MRO system when communications with the ground is available. A customizable workflow allows the application to be tailored to reflect the operating procedures of the airline.

When the Cabin Crew application synchronizes with the ground server pre-flight, the Cabin Defect Status of the aircraft is displayed to the user. This allows the onboard crew to view existing defects and, where appropriate, engage service recovery procedures.

The cabin defect log allows flight attendants to report and track all cabin defects. Items may be entered by selecting the defect location via a graphical interface or, alternatively, by drilling down based on system / subsystem using the airlines fault reporting codes.

The user is presented with a graphical representation of the defect status of the cabin and can filter defects by severity and location. A photo of the defect can be attached to the discrepancy. All data entered in the system is integrated with the airlines’ MRO system and is synchronized with the Flightman™ Ground Server upon establishing a successful connection (e.g. WiFi, 3G/4G, Satellite).

An electronic CDL / IFE Log can be optionally deployed on the aircraft, allowing maintenance personnel review and record actions. Where available, the electronic transfer of defects to the aircraft eTechLog is supported. The system supports data sharing between the other onboard devices, including the eTechLog, EFBs and additional cabin devices, and enables a shared workflow between he onboard users.

cabin Manager

Improving customer services is a key business driver for the world’s leading airlines. Enabling cabin crews to engage with passengers to provide personalised shareable travel experiences and collect rich passenger profile data are key requirements in enhancing the customer experience.

The Flightman product extends the existing trend in providing a personalised travel experience by connecting the cabin crew not only to Cabin Operations Systems but to CRM and reservations systems and providing them with enriched access to customer preferences and profiles, alerts to prompt passenger interaction based on this data, and tools to further enrich the customer profile with new data.

Flightman’s Passenger Relationship Management (PRM) allows cabin crew to access all pre-flight information and submit post-flight reports directly from the aircraft to the airline’s Cabin Services department.

On logging into the application the Cabin Crew receives their scheduled flights and the associated passenger information, including passenger pre-ordered meals, connection details, loyalty program information, and passenger preferences. Crew can view the Passenger Information Sheet and selectively highlight passengers based on:

• VIP / CIP Status
• Connecting Flight Details
• Meals
• Remarks, etc.

During the flight, the application allows the crew to record any complaints raised by the passenger together with any preferences expressed. Where the passenger is connecting to a flight at the destination, any complaints raised will be forwarded to the crew of the next flight thereby providing the opportunity for the prompt engaging of service recovery procedures.

Electronic Flight Folder

The EFF is a comprehensive set of flight briefing applications (e.g. Flight Plan, NOTAMs, Weather, Maps, Alternate Summary, ETOPs, NOTOCs etc), which allow pilots to access their briefing package onboard the aircraft, and also from home/hotel/crew room, via a secure internet connection. In addition, the EFF also offers the possibility to create annotations and bookmarks. The applications in the EFF are not stand-alone point applications and may be tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

The features of EFF include:

  • Real-time availability of flight briefing data
  • Faster, more accurate, and more relevant flight briefing information
  • Reduced planning and aircraft briefing time
  • Improved dispatch reliability
  • Elimination of manual routing and filing of paper documents
  • Greater compliance with regulatory requirements

eJourney Logbook

The eJourney Logbook is an electronic version of existing paper forms carried on a commercial aircraft. It includes hours and cycles, crew information, fuel management, delays and landing information, and vendor services used.  It can be used on any portable computer (tablet, laptop etc) as well as aircraft-mounted computers.

Forms include Crew Assignment & Route information, Takeoff and Landing Data, Aircraft Hours and Cycles, Schedule Delays, Vendor Services, Oil and Hydraulic Fluid data, Engine Cruise Log data and De-Icing information.

This application also encompasses Fuel Management. Fuel Management helps the flight crew to plan for their fuel requirements based on the airline’s flight plan fuel. It allows flight crew to calculate fuel requirements and uplifts as well as automatically performing unit conversions.  Pilots’ compliance with the airline’s fuel plan can be measured over time and built-in gross error checking helps eliminate erroneous entries and increase accuracy. All fuel records will be held on the server and populated into relevant airline systems.  In addition, records can be sorted by vendor allowing for easy fuel management reconciliation. Fuel consumption can also be reported and analyzed by aircraft, flight number, flight crew, etc.


Flightman’s early market engagements were typically in consulting and systems integration projects with global carriers in “Lean Flight” consulting workshops and projects. This led the company to identify a significant opportunity in the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) software solutions area.

In April 2001, the company launched its’ first product, the eTechlog™ – an electronic version of the current paper-based technical log held aboard an aircraft. Following an extensive review of airline feedback and a number of value proposition workshops and focus groups with flight and engineering crews worldwide, the initial product offering has developed and grown in line with airlines’ specific requirements. The result of the developments to date is Flightman™ – the software framework that offers a complete solution for the connected aircraft; covering business processes, technical documentation, and vendor management thus allowing pilots, cabin crew, and ground engineers to capture and utilize operational information more efficiently and ultimately reduce operational costs.

Flightman (under the AMT brand name) has won several awards since its foundation, such as the ICT Excellence Award for “Best Example of Mobile Internet Technology”, recognizing its technology as state-of-the-art. Flightman continues to develop its product offering and is currently working on several new product developments in response to market demands.

Weather Intelligence & Climate Security for Aviation

Tomorrow.io enables airlines to adjust flight operations for any weather conditions, reduce billion-dollar delays, and minimize safety risks. Our platform displays over 30 different weather and air quality parameters, and includes  an interactive map that helps you visualize incoming weather risks to understand the impact at every airport.

  • Save $50K per airport per month by reducing in-air rerouting and delays
  • Minimize weather-related disruptions resulting in millions of dollars saved per year
  • Access 24/7 weather insights​ with minute-by-minute updates
  • Improve flight planning and boost operational efficiency

Everything your operation needs in one platform

  • Optimize Staff Safety, Scheduling, and Communication
    • Staff Safety: Keep crew members safe and save time reopening ramps by loading and unloading during ideal weather conditions.
    • Scheduling: Optimize employee schedules to avoid overstaffing and understaffing.
    • Communication: Standardize procedures to better prepare employees for severe weather conditions through alerts via email or text. Perfect protocols and quickly implement operational plans.
  • Weather Dashboards for Automated Decision Making and Proactivity
    • Weather dashboards and insights help you prepare and respond to inclement weather conditions including:
      • Lightning Alerts
      • Wind / Visibility
      • Deicing / Snow / Winter Operations
      • Flight Tracking
  • Advanced Global Weather Radar Coverage 

To improve global forecasting technology and capabilities, Tomorrow.io has designed proprietary radar-equipped satellites and will begin launching dozens into space over the coming years.

Our small-satellite constellation will be a first in the history of the weather industry, and bring critical weather radar coverage to the entire globe, including over oceans. This innovation will dramatically improve flight planning capabilities for transoceanic flights, leading to reductions in fuel consumption and enhancements in safety for flights around the world.

“This tool was designed with an understanding of the decision-making pressure airport leaders face every day.”

Ian Deason, SVP Customer Experience, JetBlue

Ready to make smart weather decisions?

See how Tomorrow.io can elevate your aviation operations.



Created for dispatchers, by dispatchers. OPS module is at the core of your operations, created to support and automate operational processes of your organization. Due to our own dispatcher’s experience, we have created a solution addressing the most persistent issues of each OPS department.

Leon System OPS
Complete control over your flight operations

Enjoy the total control over the dispatch process for both international and domestic flights in real-time, using either a timeline view of the whole dispatch, calendar and table-type, depending on your needs.

Documentation, flight data, all in one place

Have access to all your documentation within a few clicks. Keep track of everything through customized checklists, as well as the fuel data, flight watch and journey logs, PAX changes and so much more.

Highly automated workflow

Take full advantage of the available process automations, including customizable MVT messages and handling requests. Communicate with your team and external suppliers.

Stay up-to-date with everything

You will never miss a single detail with an extensive notification system, providing over 40 types of warnings, cautions and notices for almost any aspect of flight operations. No more overlapping flights, exceeded CAMO limits, or missing crew documents.

Expand your business with Leon



Your one-stop for all things Crew. We have integrated a complete functionality for crew planning and control into an intuitive, reliable toolset that keeps everyone in the loop, while providing assistance with the management of duty roster, endorsements and FTLs.

Leon System Crew
A complete crew planning suite

Manage your roster in a most efficient, comprehensive way. Organise duties of your team, add positionings, handle duty requests and notify crew members about any changes with automated notification messages.

Crew data in one place

Track every single crew endorsement required to fly legally, alongside with airport requirements, required simulator sessions and every other detail. Have your team notified if they are nearing expiry dates.

Advanced Flight Time Limitations tracking

Have peace of mind as every single regulation on crew duty limits included in your Operations Manual is reflected in Leon. Keep notified of any irregularities through automated warnings and notices and use this data for the purpose of compliance management. With Leon, hundreds of AOC holders stay compliant with authorities all around the globe.

Fluid communication with Leon Mobile app

Your crew members are always up to speed on their duties with our mobile application, available for both Android and Apple devices. Let your team browse their duties offline, or upload Journey Log after the flight. Having an on-the-go access to their schedule, endorsements, FTL calculations, PAX data and even checklist items is another huge boon for the whole team.

Expand your business with Leon