ViaSat Ireland

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ViaSat Ireland is an airline software and connectivity company. We provide a connected aircraft platform and mobile apps for managing aircraft and flight-related data in the aviation industry. Our pilot Electronic Flight Bag, Wireless In-Flight Entertainment and Document Management System deliver the right information to pilots, cabin crew and passengers. ViaSat software connects everyone onboard an aircraft and ViaSat in-flight internet connects the aircraft to the airline’s IT infrastructure.

Every day, thousands of flights around the world depend on ViaSat software for safe, efficient and pleasurable journeys.

ViaSat software has been chosen by airlines including Ryanair, Qatar Airways, Aer Lingus, Philippine Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Tigerair Australia and Singapore Airlines. These airlines rely on ViaSat to manage their most critical operational data in the air and on the ground, and to assist with safety and regulatory compliance.

ViaSat solutions connects everyone on-board an aircraft and is trusted by some of the world’s leading airlines.

  • Read+Sign – Flight Crew Notices and Messaging.
  • Crew Report – EFB form management. Data capture reporting and flight archiving.
  • Electronic Flight Folder – Distributing + Archiving of Flight Crew Briefing Packs.
  • Portal – Display subset of crew portal content.
  • Native – iOS and Windows.

Key Benefits

  • Best-in-class viewer, built around the pilot user experience.
  • Reduce paper in the cockpit, which decreases weight and cuts down clutter.
  • Reduce cost and workload required to update documents.
  • Keep information up-to-date, enabling easy document revision (e.g., through wireless data transfer).
  • Send flight reports quickly and effectively, allowing issues to be addressed more rapidly.

Contact ViaSat Ireland now to learn more about the benefits of going paperless, just click here.

Download our Aer Lingus EFB Case Study

AeroDocs Document Management System

AeroDocs is a document management system designed to create, distribute and view Airbus and Boeing XML aircraft manuals, plus internal manuals produced by the airline. Safety management and regulatory compliance are made easy with AeroDocs workflows, tracking and content linking. Manuals can be updated in PDF or XML format. Our app enables pilots to find the information they require fast – crucial when quick decisions need to be made on the flight deck. AeroDocs consists of three integrated modules: AeroDocs Viewer, AeroDocs Distributor and AeroDocs Author. Deployed to Qatar Airways across the mixed fleet and throughout the organisation.

Read more about AeroDocs DMS here.

Download our Qatar Airways case study here.

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ViaSat W-IFE

An unrivalled platform with the power to drive engagement and ancillary revenues before, during and after flight.

ViaSat W-IFE is far more than class-leading In-Flight Entertainment system that streams content to passenger or airline-owned devices. It is a platform that allows the airline to truly control and measure the passenger experience in real time, to personalise the offering, and to maximize engagement and ancillary revenues.

Our W-IFE can host a wide range of premium services such as movies and TV shows, ecommerce, games, music, food and beverage, surveys, internet access and any other service the customer requires. It allows passengers to purchase goods and services before, during and after the flight and the airline to offer more purchasing opportunities. 

Learn more about ViaSat Wireless IFE

Download our Tigerair Australia case study

ViaSat Cabin Management App

ViaSat Cabin Management allows cabin crew to organize their work more efficiently. It replicates paper forms to give more information on passengers and allows faster turnaround of data. It is an tablet, smartphone and smartwatch app, which incorporates passenger information and offers an easy interface for adding passenger comments, noting crew member suggestions, and documenting any issues that need to be addressed. It  provides detailed passenger tracking including location and identification of passengers, loyalty program flyers, and special needs such as meals, wheelchairs, and more. 

The app gives the cabin crew a way to communicate with other divisions about maintenance, catering, or operational issues that need attention, improving quality of service on all fronts.

For more information on ViaSat Cabin, click here.