Safety Line

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Safety Line is a company offering innovative solutions (software and statistical analysis) for risk management in the field of air transport (airlines, maintenance organizations, airports …). Indeed, companies in the aviation industry legally must implement management systems (SMS) to ensure the safety of their operations. Safety Line is able to offer advanced solutions for: Hazard identification and risk assessment; Optimization of fuel consumption and reduction of aviation emissions

Based on its founding pillars which are artificial intelligence, data processing and expertise in aviation, Safety Line is in a position to propose an extensive range of products able to match the world’s issues and challenges in air transport. Safety Line also makes available a set of services whose diversity guarantees the optimal solution for each requirement.

  • SafetyCube is an integrated risk and compliance management software that provides airlines with a ready-to-use solution for new Safety and Compliance Management requirements (IR-OPS, E-IOSA, IORS).
  • OptiClimb is a service that aims at reducing the fuel consumption through the use of flight data.
  • FlightScanner allows you to automatically identify the factors which explain hazardous situations based on all flights data.
  • AirsideWatch determines the runway condition without interfering with operations, in order to minimize and optimize service interruptions due to inspections and snow clearing operations.

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