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The paperless cockpit is here. Get connected and protected.

PIVOT provides unequaled user functionality paired with mil-spec protection and security when mounted. It’s also about security from an uncertain future in an ever-changing electronic landscape. PIVOT secures your devices in your cockpit, but our one-of-a-kind integrated mounting channel creates a constant you can count on in the future – no matter what the next device might be.

PIVOT is a worldwide provider of EFB-related products, which are anchored by the patented and iconic universal PIVOT mounting plate. EFB devices housed in protective PIVOT cases connect directly to the PIVOT mounts. Featuring unequaled pilot EFB functionality while also retaining full corporate IT flexibility, PIVOT is deployed to over 100 airlines including Delta, United, Southwest, Cathay Pacific, Singapore and ANA. PIVOT revolutionized the process of EFB deployments and effectively removed the need for cradles driven by changing form factors, saving customers millions in equipment, labor, and deployment time.

PIVOT mounting solutions include a unique, new class of mounts referred to as LTRM’s or Long Term Removable Mounts. LTRM solutions provide the integrated style, security and function of an installed mount at a fraction of the cost with virtually instantaneous deployment.

The company’s headquarters are located in Houston, Texas, with offices and teams located in Tampa, Florida, and Denver, Colorado.

See the amazing PIVOT system and learn more at www.pivotcase.com. Please visit our website to learn how PIVOT became the world’s fastest growing solution for EFB mounting and device protection.