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Documentation Management

IDMR is a global provider of easy to use and all encompassing Technical Documentation Management Solutions which have been designed exclusively for Fleet operators, MRO providers and OEM organizations. IDMR’s Technical Documentation Management Solutions have proven success in increasing operational performance and decreasing operational cost while insuring airworthiness, safety and regulatory compliance at multiple airlines such as Atlas Air, Polar Air, JetBlue and World Airways among others.

Technical documents, which are constantly changing, are the primary source of aircraft, engine and component reference information. On-going revisions and updates by manufacturers, vendors and airline personnel add more complexity in controlling these documents. Failing to follow manufactures, vendors and regulatory agencies approved maintenance repair and overhaul procedures can result in poor quality or worse, non-compliance fines. Without a centralized approach to Technical Documentation Management, information documents are usually stored in multiple places and version control is lacking. In many cases different automated tools are used to create and maintain proper record keeping, creating a process that is extremely time consuming and in some cases inaccurate.

InForm is a document management program written to satisfy tight airline regulatory requirements. It will allow you to author and maintain virtually any document, further enabling you to adjust its properties to better suit your business’ profile. InForm has state of the art tools which allow seamless integration to OEMs and M&E Systems. InForm is completely paperless which makes creation of cards highly efficient and requires minimal technical expertise. InForm takes advantage of latest OEM digital Maintenance Planning Document (MPD) and Task Card data (AMM). The maintenance program including the entire set of OEM cards can be easily loaded into the application, thereby avoiding the time consuming process of keying them in from scratch. Individual task cards and entire service packages are posted on the company website for a vendor to retrieve and print. InForm has the unique ability to combine the functionalities of conventional document management systems with customized applications. Many time consuming and sometimes impossible tasks are now possible with this combination. The following modules have been added to InForm’s suite.

  • Technical Library (TC)
  • Job Cards (WC)
  • Engineering Orders (EO)
  • Service Packages (PP)
  • Inspection Program (MIP)
  • Non Routines (NR)
  • Maintenance Log Pages (MLP)
  • Flight Log Page (FLP)
  • Vendor Audits (VA)
  • Safety Audits (SA)
  • Package Optimizer (PO)
  • Records Capture (RC)

Manual Viewing and authoring (partial list)

  • AMM
  • IPC
  • WDM
  • SRM
  • SB/AD

IDMR’s Aviation Services group develops customized airline modules, designed to fit structured documentation needs. We provide turn-key and custom-built solutions that are highly scalable, adaptable and can easily integrate with other enterprise applications. IDMR takes pride in its ability to create an application that is so dynamic that each customer feels like it is designed specifically for their needs.

Key Benefits

  • 100% customizable template and data entry screens
  • Regulatory compliance & reliability of information insured
  • Airline specific business rules and procedures
  • Web portal allows access to technical documents whether they originated from OEM, FAA or internally
  • OEMs and M&E integration
  • Material Reports such as expendables and consumables with unparalleled oversight
  • Non-Routines module which provides the operator with comprehensive tools to ensure they are in control
  • Bidding packages
  • Costs & increased operation efficiency & productivity reduction in
    • Airline offices
    • Hangars
    • Line Stations
    • Shops
    • Warehouses
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Man-Hour requirements and forecasting tools
  • Strict Revision control
  • Regulatory requirement SOX and FAA
  • Automated Workflows
  • Import/Export options
  • Overall processes for managing & distributing technical documentation improvement, including:
    • User interface that ensures the most efficient & productive data entry screens
    • The ability to eliminate hard copy manuals
    • The ability to route documents via a work flow process
    • The ability to electronically search & locate a document or manual
    • The ability to view & reference multiple manuals in one application
    • The ability to manage component maintenance manuals
    • The ability to deliver current, customized & complete content on demand over the web

InForm can be customized and has the ability to integrate with most applications. Each Operator has full control on how their documents look and feel. We pride ourselves in duplicating your current forms; your JobCard layout can remain exactly the same, your EO will look like they always did. Allowing this level of flexibility gives IDMR an edge over our competitors. We don’t change the way you do business! We just add new technologies to it!