efos Flight Management

Flight Management captures flight journey log information, flight folders, alert event and safety reporting and enables commercial analysis of the associated data to deliver a lean Airline operating environment. All of our Airlines have integrations running with their other operating systems to maximise data efficiency.

The Electronic Journey Log (EJL) module allows crew to record their flight and duty information digitally using the Apple iPad. The EJL fulfils the regulatory compliance for commander’s reporting and adds in the ability to capture valuable operational and business data whilst eliminating illegible, error prone and expensive paper processes. Data can be extracted to provide a variety of commercial benefits by surfacing and sharing key information across operational teams, which are controlled by roles and workflows, once the journey log has been submitted. The EJL can be completed offline during flight and requires just a quick sync when connectivity is available to upload to the EFOS server and begin the timely dissemination of data throughout the airline.

EJL data and functionality can assist with the following lean operational cost analysis, focus and improvements:

  • Business intelligence reports improve efficient fuel use by capturing and publishing expected fuel burn performance.
  • Data integrity is significantly improved with customisable validation
  • Reduction in filing and storage of paper records offers multiple cost savings
  • Improved monitoring of efficient delivery of services and suppliers to aircraft
  • Duty arrival times can identify links between OTP and staff late arrival and other SOP disparities or risks that link to duty times such as flight time limitations.
  • Visibility of ground handling service costs enables reactive cost saving
  • OTP dashboard data can be analysed for delays
  • Efficient collection of clean data and the built in data rules helps satisfy the Annual Emission Reports and Tonne-Kilometre Reporting required for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme
  • Safety and event reporting allows in flight events or issues to be managed and tracked via an auditable process